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Hello Steemians! About a month ago, I chanced upon, a relatively new Steem interface. In fact, they went into public beta only 20 days ago. When I first stumbled upon this interface, I didn't really take notice of it as I thought it is just another interface much like, or However, I did save the URL in my bookmark as I planned to revisit the site and take a closer look later on. For the past couple of days, I have been logging into Steeve via my mobile phone, comparing my feed on Steeve against the default feed, and I was pleasantly surprised!

A Feed Comparable with Facebook

Okay, it might be a little of an overstatement at this stage but Steeve has a tagline,

The Sieve for Steem: A personalized Steem web interface with extended content discovery features and more!

The fundamental principle behind the design of Steeve is really to help Steemians find good articles easily. Steeve is trying to achieve the objective by using AI to find interesting content for everyone. With that in mind, expect to see a feed which is very different from the default one you get "out of the box".


As you can see, my feed is showing a post from 3 days ago, which will probably take you 5 minutes to reach if you scroll through your default feed. In addition, the author is not even someone I am following! 😮 But Steeve is smart enough to learn from my past voting records that I like to read about stocks & investing and therefore included the post on my feed.

The algorithm of displaying feeds is probably modeled after Facebook feeds where they try to predict what you like and rank them higher to keep you scrolling on. Currently, I would not say that Steeve has reached the level of Facebook, but I think they are on the right track.

A World without Bidbots and Trails

Another neat feature which Steeve has implemented is to have a trending page which disregard votes from common bidbots and voting trails. This is probably what many bot haters are dreaming for. I am neutral when it comes to using bots, in fact, I use them myself. However, I agree that many articles were not given the fair attention because the default "trending" page focuses too much on payouts.


As you can see from the screencap, Steeve has a ranking system which only consider the genuine curator vote counts. Of course it is not perfect yet, but again this is probably the right way to go. We seriously need a better way to rank articles so that good authors can be discovered easier.

One Immediate thing to Improve on

On interfaces like, and, we can easily upload images by copying and pasting into the content editor. However, I noticed that Steeve does not seem to support that yet.


As you can see, in order to upload images, you have to have it uploaded to first. This requires you to enter your Steem posting key each time and most will agree that it is very troublesome. When I am writing this article, I worked around this problem by uploading the image through first then copy the image URL into the post. I hope @steeveapp will add support for easier image upload soon.


Overall, I like the Steeve interface and what the team is trying to achieve. I really like a better way to discover new authors/contents that are worthy. That is why I followed @trufflepig and other curation services. When @partiko released the "Discover" feature in their app, I was so excited that I wrote an article fully dedicated to that feature.

Today is not the day to check the cryptocurrencies market. Instead, I encourage you to take a look at Steeve and what it got to offer. Go explore their customized feeds and trending page. There are many other neat features that I have not written about. Let me know your thoughts on the interface and what is your favorite feature which is not found elsewhere. Thanks for reading!

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Steeve is really a promising product. They recently added another feature (adding new features is like a daily routine for them) to rate posts, this will probably help to build a better personal feed without spending any RC or SP. We can’t hear a lot fır the AI part but I want to believe mor and hr1 will going to make a great use of these data to improve the feeds.

Steeve’s feed is like the feed just after the HF20 :) all bidbots lost their VP to raid the trending and I could see the important discussions on the feed. It’s always the case now on steeve, for who already forget to check regular trending page should definetely take a look at steeve’s trending

Indeed! There isn't much details on the AI ranking algo, but like all machine learning methods, the more data the better the expected outcome. I think Steeve is onto something great. Now I am quite torn between using Steempeak and Steeve for my usual posts. Haha..

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I'm beginning to appreciate how all the different options is building robustness, and eventually there will be those that over take the rest, and those will be the welcoming gates for those to flood into the STEEM blockchaing, post-beta years

That's right! It's rather unfortunate that many Steemians still think that Steem is synonymous with Steemit. Steem is a platform and the applications that can be built on top is only limited by our imagination. We are still waiting for the killer interface to be developed and Steeve is a serious contender

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nice, yeah, it's taking me awhile to figure out just some of the basics, but i'm glad i'm here early.

i'm fiat cost averaging in more as we speak (-: peace

Good analysis. Thanks

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Thanks for dropping by @stellabelle!

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Is this another phone app like Partiko?

It is a web app. But browsing it on a mobile web browser is a breeze. I am now switching between Partiko and Steeve when I am on my phone. Haha..

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OK - thanks. :-)

Thank you for the review!

We are totally going to improve image uploading, there is an issue for it created in the issue tracker.

I am personally hoping for a new release of Steem Keychain to come out soon, which should allow people using Steem Keychain to skip the dialog and just select images to be uploaded. But this solution is not going to work for everyone.

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Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. It is very heartening to see the team actively listening for feedback. I am looking forward to the improvement on image uploading.

Steem Keychain is a new concept to me too, so I think there might be many other Steemians who are not aware of it as well.

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Also I should note that Steeve is much more curator-oriented than author-oriented at the moment, i.e. you can discover new good content easier, but there is not much for authors currently. I would like to improve that, but I am the only person working on the web app right now ;-)

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That's nice to hear! And it is indeed a daunting task for just 1 person. Is the team looking to grow?

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Well, currently we don't have resources to promise anybody anything, so probably just in case somebody wants to help the community from their good heart :-)

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I'm not a developer myself but I am certainly willing to help by spreading the word for Steeve. I think good things ought to be shared :)

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That is a huge help actually. Spreading the word is not as easy as it seems at the beginning and it takes time to reach some critical number of users.

So yeah, spreading the word totally counts, might be perhaps the single most important thing to do right now :-)

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Just deployed an update. Image upload no longer requires any additional authentication, just click the button and have your image uploaded ;-)

Will implement drag&drop and support for multi file selection perhaps tomorrow.

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It's great that there's an interface that makes everyone a personalized feed.
But @steeveapp, why on earth do you ask for the users' posting key when they want to upload an image?! Can't you just use SteemConnect just like when someone firstly logins on your homepage?

And update has been deployed where no additional auth is required.

The reason is was pretty much explained in the upload dialog, which is not there any more. We were uploading images directly to, which required user's posting key. You cannot sign anything with a SteemConnect token.

But as I said, this is a matter of the past ;-)

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Looks pretty damn good, nevertheless heard of it before! Tnx for the thorough review!

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Do try it out and let me know if you like it!

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Do try it out and let me know if you like it!

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Looks promising... I like the idea of preventing bots. It's too bad that the platform will be still competing against the bots.

Agree. It's a great idea to be able to see trending articles without bots influence. At the same time, Steeve still retain the option to see the usual feed

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