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Steeve App

I am not usually compelled to try any other interface than the main steem interface. I discussed this matter earlier that I am a user who likes minimalistic, simplicity, and ease of use interface. That is because those things translate as faster loading times.But today,I decided to check @steeveapp which advertises their product as an advanced steem web interface. Now let's have a look.


The first time I logged into steeve,I was welcomed with security and privacy statement. This is good eventhough if you are less concerned about it. However,bear in mind they have user tracking activity.

Steeve tracks user activity in the application so that we can recommend you content which fits you best. A mixture of Google Analytics and custom user tracking is being used.

In a regular web browser,I often use incognito mode.However,this can be good on steem if the use case is that readers will be suggested and directed to content which they will most likely read.Also,they stated that they don't share the data with anybody. So far, no problem in there.

If you have read and agreed,choose to proceed. Now let's review the design, usability,stickiness,and readability.


Overall it has minimalistic touch and sleek design. Not to mention, it comes in dark mode with condensed and expanded view. A new addition would be, user can see who resteemed their post.However, when it comes to reading page,they have smaller indent than steemit front page. I hope they will increase their indent and fix the margin.Perhaps making it slightly bigger.

  • [x] Clean and Sleek design.
  • [x] Comes in dark mode.
  • [x] It shows who resteemed your posts.
  • [ ] It only supports png file. Perhaps enables jpg files in the future.
  • [ ] Perhaps, they need to increase the reading page margin. As the graphic shown below. Why waste the empty space when you can expand it?



Users even with Steem power under 500sp are able to use voting slider. Not only, users can add their favorite categories, they can add favorite user(author)too. It also has steeve filter which is different from steemit suggestion. Permlink option is also available. I tried to write this post with title : Steeve app review Sleek Design Steem Web Interface and permlik : steeve-app-review.

  • [x] Even with under 500sp voting slider is available.
  • [x] Users can add their favorite category and author.
  • [x] Users will know who resteem their post.
  • [x] It comes with keyboard shortcut.
  • [x] It has permalink (permlink).
  • [ ] However I noticed some markdown are not visible enough such as the heading.


So this terms apply to describe how long user will spend their time using the product.Since steeve able to track user activity,in below of the post, there will be suggested reading. This can be good to explore similar topics from different authors.Not to mention, everything is easy.The navigation is also straightforward.

  • [x] Users can get post suggestions from different authors
  • [x] Easy navigation.


For users who likes to read, the font might be smaller than the main interface even with 100% zooming. For this case I am currently using opera. Let me know if you use different web browser.

  • [ ] Smaller fonts even with 100% zoom, might need to increase it.


I personally will use steeve app more in the future given its plus points and especially I like to follow up certain tags. Not to mention, all the plus points above which convince me to use it. However it's still in beta version and they certainly need some improvements.For now, it's pretty decent to use it as a main Web interface.

That's about it. If you want to try to use steeve and migrate from the old interface, check out :

Signed, M.

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I've started using myself, as well as SteemPeak. Even though I only started using today, I actually ended up switching to it to see related posts, even though I ended up on your page from Steemit, due to being resteemed by a developer that I just followed. I like following developers.

It's currently severely lacking in my opinion, due to being still very much beta software, and the huge side margins annoy me, but the "Read Next" feature is so useful. They aren't always exactly related to the topic though. Not sure yet if that's a good or a bad thing. Quite a few good posts show up down there though!

I tried using steempeak in the past but the color was a bit flashy to me. Oh and the buttons were in shiny silver, something my nocturnal eyes couldn't stand.

I agree with the side margin and that's something new! I thought it was always related but as time goes, sometimes it's not related too!

But for sure, interesting posts appeared below the main post. I think steeve has quite decent algorithm. We will have to see next. Also I notice it doesn't accept JPG file.

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I had heard that. Rather weird in this day and age not to accept the default format of most cameras. I haven't used it for posting though. I have only used it to read posts and reply. Considering it's extremely basic post editor, I'll likely continue doing that.

I have considered setting it as a beneficiary for 5% though, for comments made using it, as I do appreciate their efforts. It might only be a few cents, but if others choose to do the same, it can possibly add up to quite a bit.

It would be a bigger deal if I set beneficiaries on SteemPeak, as I've started posting more than occasionally from there.

5% or 10% is actually quite substantial. Upvote bots often only give a 10% increase from your bought vote.

I think if front-ends decide to tax their users, it should only be a few percent. I think adverts are a better option than that, as many user's earnings are already meagre and hard fought. It might not seem like a lot, but it is. Many of us work really hard for our earnings on here. 10% when you're working really hard for below minimum wage is heart breaking.

Sorry for my tangent. I do that.

How does it compare to ?

They're completely different. SteemPeak is very much about looks, but it's a pretty hefty site. It uses way more ram than a lot of other sites. Steeve is more minimalist, and still very much a beta site. There is a very useful feature below most posts that gives you other blogs to "Read Next" though. That is the primary advantage.

I like SteemPeak for it's grid view and wide margins. Though that can be a disadvantage when someone posts something you don't wanna see full screen. :P But I've found myself using Steeve to find posts because of that "Read Next" feature. I think it needs a lot more work though.

Thanks for the info

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Good Question!
I personaly tried Steempeak but I didn't like it ( it comes back to personal preference) for my browser, it was too slow. So, I opt for something that gives me faster load times.

Also if I am not wrong, since I have not examined steempeak closely they do not have options to rate an article and suggested reading.

Hi @macchiata, thank you very much for the review.

I created an issue in the issue tracker not to forget to check this. I am currently working on other features, though, so I cannot promise to get to this very soon.

Thanks for checking out Steeve, have fun ;-)

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Hey @void, Good luck with the upcoming features. I really like the appearance. I hope there's no major changes in the future. Keep it sleek and clean.


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Yeah, no worries, we are really trying to keep it that way ;-)

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Thanks for this.. I had vaguely heard of Steeve... There are so many front ends out there now. I dig it.

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I will pass the message ;-)

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Kool to know! I like some of the features on this app that I would consider it. But it only accepts png files puts me off a bit. I use opera sometimes and find that it doesn't function well for some websites maybe it has similar problems with apps?

steam peak I stumbled across when using discord that now any link I click on just goes straight to steam peak. I thought it was a glitch then a scammer site 😂 until I realized what it really was. Still I don't like it and wondering how to stop it showing up everytime I used discord

When I wrote this post, I was using steeve via opera as well. I noticed there's only PNG option. I have not tried steeve via other browser since OPERA suits my needs best. It has vpn and ads blocker in one click. So, I see no way to switch to other browser anytime soon.

Hmmm... maybe logging out from it? I am not sure about it.

Thank you for stopping by