My life everyday's journey

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Hello guys it was 2 days when i was join here in steemit and im very thankfull that i was accepted and now im still fighting my everydays life moving forward that still can survive for every together with my family..yesterday i was suffering with my illness i encounter a very painful with my chest im lying down for whole day because of too much pain and its hard for me even to wife decided to bring me at hospital but i refuse because we financially drain..a side from suffering my illness we encounter financial problem my life for me every is a journey all we do is to pray and i thank god because he hear our prayers the pain slowly down and i can move with my own now unlike yesterday even to hold a cup i cant do always fighting just for my family specially for my kids coz they are my strength.


Keep it up brother..Never say never while we are still breathing always put God in your daily routine Pray always and blessings will be follow..Godbless..

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