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RE: Racing Across The Moon: My "Out Of This World" Hotrod Design

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Curiosity drove me to the comment section hmm ... I haven't heard about a car drive in the moon with the specifications Lunar Rover Vehicle with all due respect... Is this true?... I think I would make my researches too !... I'm quite naive though.

Woah! woah!!...your imagination is purely incredible at a time I was actually wondering if it was a imaginative creation.. At least it was alongside your beautiful description of the contest in just 200 words!..
Do you make 3D designs?

I came here through #dreemport!
Impressive article, I must applaud your creativity.


Greetings, @cescajove!

I'm so glad you've discovered my story courtesy of #dreemport. Thank you for reading, and for your very kind comments. Yes, I make some 3D designs, and the next article in this series has a much more complete collection of images that (I hope) will help you better understand my written concept.

You can of course read online about the original lunar rover as well as many other designs, but I haven't as yet found many similar to my design concept. However, just recently some interesting "jumping robot" research was published here on Hackaday, and if that interests you, be sure to follow the links from there to further information.

Also, almost all of my articles contain links to additional information that you should please follow to discover further background about the topics.

My new friend, I can't think of a kinder thing you could do for me than applaud my creativity, because it reflects on the fact that I consider that creativity to be a very kind gift from Jesus/God who made me and got me moving along a creative path... Thank you so much!



Oh well! I'm certainly checking up this list of things... now you make me curious to know more!.. Nice one!