The One Who Should Have Been

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James Clover has been a very well instructor towards his students while teaching them chemistry. Each student receiver satisfying grades from James Clover and appreciated everything he had done to support his students, however James still felt unhappy with his life. About 20 years ago, James Clover had join the U.S Army to receive military credit to work as a Swat member.

On the 4 week of his physical training section, James accidently fall off a tree and land on his arm, his arm completelt broke after falling 20 feet in the air. James no longer able to use his left arm and his career as a swat member has died. So for the reamaing 20, James only spent more teaching his class about chemistry, many have listen to receive their degrees within 3 semester. This really not what James wanted but because he was one of the support instructors who care for his students, his former career never took place.

Sacrifices are sometimes meant to happen in life