Desire of a child for education

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It is a story of Nicholas and his family. Nicholas who had worked in a factory as security staff at day time, and usually stayed for night shift's over time due to his financial problems. He used to work day and night to full fill the needs of his Family members. He had two children, Jacob and Emma. Both were very intelligent. Emma was married and her mother used to work in a welfare organization . Jacob was passionate about studying and learning new things. He had just passed high school. Nicholas was sitting in deep thinking Jacob told the father, I want to study like other children in college and want to become a successful man.


Nicholas, who was already worried about his low income and family needs, became anger after hearing the desire of his son. Our living is very difficult and you are talking about education. There is nothing more to study for you.The Passion of gaining knowledge was riding on Jacob's mind, and he remained on his own goal and said. "Can you give me the books instead of food.? ." Nicholas anger was quite cool but he wanted to send Jacob to the Factory where he was working and in this way Jacob can support the family too.. Nicholas tried to explain his son. "When i was of your age I also wanted to study but your grandfather took me to work, and together we made this home in which you are living.


Jacob then said to his Father, will we ever become like other people?. Will I become a successful man." Seeing the tears gathered in the eyes of his father, Jacob agreed with his father and thought to crush his dream. That night was so difficult for Nicholas that his children cannot study due to poverty. The next day the sun rose, and Jacob was ready to go to the factory but a good news came from the welfare organization in which her mother was working that they started providing free education to poor children. To be continued...............................

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This is great! Waiting for the sequel!

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Everyone deserves an opportunity to educate themselves. Because it is the best way to level up from your current situation.

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Inspirational story, this type of story has the positive impact on society. Really impressive your work is. Thanks for sharing such positive story.

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Thanks for sharing this. It's sad to see people who are given everything (like an education) and appreciate nothing. They need to read a few more stories like these so they can have a better appreciation.

@rocky1 it is such a impressive and inspirational story and i support Jacob's efforts towards education. Without education we are nothing & we can't achieve our goals and objectives. Nice sharing.

that is a very relevant thread and plot you have there. It is a difficult world and consumerism has made it worse. The question is no more of survival. The difficult part is the lifestyle and dream -life as projected by consumerism. The world divided into two parts "Them and the rest of the struggling world" .
Interesting plot @rocky1... upvoted and Followed

This world is difficult place for those who can't afford to full fill their dreams due to financial problems. Many of them can't even afford basic necessity of life.

I know. And I agree. That is exactly what I meant when I said that consumerism has divided the world into haves and have nots and made life extremely difficult for have nots .

It was a sad but beautiful story
I think even the most illiterate fathers know that studying is good
But they believe that working sooner is better than graduating