The story of a ghost!

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Hello friends!

Have a nice day! First of all, I wish you the best and the physical fitness!

Today's post is about a real ghost story.

Hope everyone is well. Today I want to tell a horror story. This story is collected my grandfather. It is a real fact. I don't want to scare anyone by telling a ghost story. I want to present the truth to you. Hopefully you understand the main purpose of my story.

Today I'm passing my leisure time with my grandfather. He is very intelligent man. And funny too. He always jokes with me. Spending time with him can teach a lot. He is a very good man. I love him very much.

And while I was talking to him, Suddenly a cockroach came toward me. I was very scared to see it and the price was rising with the jump. Then he started laughing. He said the modern boys are very scared. The old people were very brave. They could not easily be afraid. Only the fear of any miraculous power. I asked him what miraculous power is. He said, "Think this is a ghost." Then I ask him pretended not to know what the ghost? He said there are many stories to be heard. I told him to tell me one. Then he started telling the story this way

They are a long time ago, There were no electric light at that time. As a result, the surroundings were not so bright. At that time, ghost stories were more commonly seen. Because the ghost usually prefer the darkness of the night to move. At that time, the ghosts was harming many people. People couldn't do anything to them. People had no choice to be careful. People would not go out of their minds at night.

One day me and your father went to fishing in a river. Then we catch a lot of fish. So we sat for more time fishing. When it was evening, I said let's go now. But then something strange happened to us. We were not ready for this event. There was no one in the place where we were fishing, except the two of us. To go to the place where we are fishing, we have to cross a very large field. And if anyone comes to the place we will definitely see him and it will take a lot of digging time. But suddenly a white-clad man came towards us. It was a very strange thing for both of us. If anyone came, he must have seen it, but this man suddenly came from somewhere. I thought to myself that maybe I didn't notice. But we were even more surprised, when he talk to us.

The type of person to talk with us was different. None of us have heard such a word. He suddenly came and started to tell us in unknown language. I don't know what language the language was in. He talked to us in a very strange language. None of us understood what he meant to us. He did not give us a chance to ask what he was saying? Suddenly he left this place in a shot time. But he disappeared without going too far. It was a very strange thing.

We have not been very serious about this incident. We thought something was normal. You've come home. When I went to sleep after dinner, I was very scared. Suddenly I could see my eyes next to the window and discover this guy in the field. He got up somewhere to read the blink of an eye in front of my eyes. I was a little scared then.

But the big surprise is that In the morning, the man was found dead. And he had some fish huts with him. The man was found in an open field in the village. It's really a strange thing.

No one knows where the man came from or what's his name?? None of us knew what to do. I told them I saw this guy in the river. I was thinking that we were the only person we saw this man and nobody saw him. This guy many others have seen. I still don't know who that guy is. And one of the interesting things is that everyone saw him at the same time. This is an amazing thing. How can a man be seen at same times in different places? It's impossible for people. Maybe it was a miracle.

It is a real story. It is your responsibility to believe it. If you believe in ghosts, you will tell me the trouble. I want to know if there is anyone like me.

(I am a nature lover. I always try to keep pace with nature. I accept all things of nature as gifts. In this I find true happiness. So I like to write about nature. I hope you will like.)

I an not a writer, but I an always trying to writer something new. I think you like it. If you like my article, please look at the kindness. And forgive me if I'm wrong.

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💙... Thanks for being with me!... 💙


good story. I have read everything. I think it's just a coincidence that you met him in a different place.

and I think he killed himself. maybe he has had a mental disorder. I have never seen a ghost. that's why I don't believe in ghosts.

Before, I did not believe in ghosts like you, but now I am compelled to do so. I have encountered such an event that it is necessary to admit that there is something miraculous.

Of course it's okay, Whether you believe it or not is your personal matter. But it is not coincidence, The man was spotted in different places at the same time.

Many thanks for reading my post so carefully and And for making a beautiful comment. 💚

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