The Story of My Life so Far - Summary

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This is the story of my life so far: 67 years and counting.
Prequel: A Brief History of my Family in France

A painting of myself in 1972, when I still had hair

I have always been interested in the life of people I meet: how they become what they are now, what kind of jobs they have, etc...
My wife and my daughters sometimes tell me that I am too nosy, that I ask too many questions to people I just met.

Here, I am always happy to hear news of the lives of @papa-pepper or of @stellabelle and the story of @charlyshrem.
As the story of my family had some kind of success, I thought that I would continue with my personal story that will include the continuation of my family story.

Not that I am a superhero or any kind of celebrity, but I have done some things in my life that may be interesting to describe.

Here is the summary of my life, so far:

  • I was born in France during the 1940s (quite at the end, in October 1949, but still during the 1940s ;-)
  • I am the third child of a family of 11 children
  • Like my grandfather and two of my uncles, I became of French Navy officer
  • I met my first wife, an African black woman, in Douala, Cameroon
  • We got married 6 years later in France, against the will of my parents
  • Being unable to have biological children, we adopted 4 black children, two from Haiti and two from Cameroon
  • After 20 years in the French Navy, I became a software engineer
  • After my first wife left me, I emigrated with my 4 children to British Columbia, Canada
  • I raised my children as a single dad for 10 years
  • 17 years ago, I started to work at home through the Internet for a company located mostly in New York and Paris
  • 8 years ago, I met my second wife, a Hungarian woman, through an agency
  • At 67 years of age, I am still working full time, at home

This is me today

In the next post, I will start my story with my early childhood in Rambouillet.
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This is interesting story, Sir. Thank you for sharing. And the adoption of four different children is a fearless move. I'm much more coward about children, I feel fear thart I'm not ready or don't have enough money. I like to hear the stories from the older people, about life, hard choices that change whole life. I hope people like you will become more familiar with platforms like steemit. And it's great that all of that stories can't be erased while the system will work.

I am just a few months older than you my friend and I would be most interested in reading your story. Perhaps I might do the same. I feel I have had a very interesting and full life up to this page.

Sure, tell your story. I am sure I will be interested to read it.

@vcelier wow! that's amazing that you raised your kids alone for 10 year
sorry I missed this I was away the whole day yesterday
so this is your kind'a introduce yourself?
that's a lotta' info..
thank you for sharing ;)

You are welcome.

Big respect to such people like you! Adopted 4 children - at least 4 hearts became happy. Wish you all the best and strong health!

That is quite a journey! I have so many questions.
How old were the kids when you had to raise them alone? Why did you and your ex fall apart?
How are your life with the lady now?
What do your children do these days?

Sorry, I will not answer these very personal questions.

Thank you for this very inspiring summary of your life.
I am looking forward to reading more.