My Worst School Subject | Geography

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Like they use to say, no matter how good or brilliant you are, there are some things you won't be good with or be worst at doing. This life is full of up and down, the good and the bad but in everything, we always try to focus on the good part. I still remember back then in school, been a good and one of the brilliant student in school wasn't one of the easy task I thought it was, we always want to make our parent proud by excelling in our studies so we had to keep reading in and out so we can really do well and pass our exams. I even remembers some funny method I adopted when I was in secondary school when it is almost exam time, I always turn my note to songs so I can easily remember them in the exam hall until one day my dad caught me singing and scold me.

I love all my subject except one, they always tell us that if you want to really excel in any subject, start by loving the your teachers first, if you don't like your teachers, there is high probability you won't like the subject, and it work like magic. Upon everything, there is this subject I always fail woefully, Geography, I really hate that subject and I also don't like the teacher that took it, perhaps if they have change the teacher back then, I might develop interest in it more and probably like it. No matter how I read it or even try to cram it, it wont stick, always leaving the same moment it entered. Our geography teacher was a woman that doesn't even care at all, she had this attitude that I cant even explain but I could say she was really lazy, lazy to the extend that she doesn't come to class, anytime we have the subject, she will just send in her note and point out where we need to copy from start to finish, and the funniest part was that, the note was really old, maybe we were facing what other set faced. So we kept on copying the note every period with no explanation, so most times, we do try to teach ourselves the little we no and self read.

The day I knew it was over was when she came to explain 4 cardinal point for us, the day was hell for us, she keep saying things we couldn't understand and at some point I almost burst into laughter because she wanted to beat one of us when she ask question and the boy couldn't answer, Luckily for us, our math teacher came by, at least he came at the right time, heard what out geography teacher was saying and he decided to help her out, he took it upon himself, explain to out our own understanding before he left us with her. That was the only day I really enjoyed the subject and the rest was history because it really show on my result


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