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Welcome to #SublimeSunday , a tag presenting you with the unique opportunity to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy and instigated by me @c0ff33a ☕️

First up though is a #beautifulsunday (hosted by @ace108) photo with a #funkyedit (hosted by @krazypoet) with Saturation to the Max.


It's been rather lovely and Sunny in Coronavirus lock down UK - and that has started to mean people are taking the stay home stay safe theory to very last extents of possibility - stay home if home is the DIY Store, Supermarket, Bargain Booze outlet and of course stay home in the garden having a massive BBQ with all your mates....until someone get's too inebriated and starts a fight and then the Police have to turn up and start arresting people and interviewing all these not very socially distant people - yes Friday night on my street was very interesting indeed.


Now I would like to get out to the woodlands with mini me, although he's kind of got into his own rhythm of lockdown which mostly involves online gaming with school friends, and his friends in Canada, America and a number of areas in Europe. It's amazing really they can all play in real time together in a variety of games, many of which require them to work together to complete the goal or mission - some might consider gaming wasting time but I see them learning more team building then any business has achieved before - working together and collaborating to win the goal.


Throw back from Madame Tussauds in Blackpool, Easter holiday plans went out the window with Coronavirus I wonder if we will get away at all this year.


Check out this beastie I found clearing out the garage.


BOO! Lol


And a #funkyedits to finish, another Blackpool park view.

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Beastie got my attention 😊 Have a SublimeSunday

Loved the pics!
Have An Awesome Upcoming Week!

Great to hear that you were able to coax 'minime' away from his own rhythm of lock-down @c0ff33a It would have been worth it just to get up close to that beastie wouldn't it? What a good dad you are! Have an awesome week ahead.

I love random wildflowers. They are such a beauty!

Great to relive sublime fun back again that was wonderful

That spider is wikkid and dig the tag too on the brick. How big was that spider? What kind is it? Never seen anything like that here. Looks kinda like a funnel spider of sorts.

Yikes! That is a man eater!

Holy cow. What a monster. Is that a black widow ??

I like your initiative, @c0ff33a.
Very nice #sublimesunday