Success Don't Come Easy

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Success in life is not easy. This requires a lot of pursuit, perseverance. I think the definition or the meaning of "Success" can vary person to person. For me, I think It'd be my actual success if I'd be one of the members of the Jannah (Paradise). And the success for here would be acquired easily if I can be happy with what I am doing on. My main goal is to leave something in the world that will keep giving me a bonus in the hereafter.


Yes, persevere my friend!

I agree with you, and yes, like all things in this life, success is also relative and varies from person to person; However, I believe that there must be a common denominator, and this is to achieve personal success but at the same time improve the world./ Coincido contigo, y sí, como todas las cosas en esta vida, el éxito también es relativo y varía de persona a persona; sin embargo, considero que debe haber un denominador común, y éste es alcanzar el éxito personal pero a la vez mejorar al mundo.

Exactly, thanks <3

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