Free evening. What is that and what should I do with it?

in #summer3 years ago

All the sudden, I got this free evening. (What?? Do they exist anymore?) My husband was visiting his parents with my son and they decided to stay overnight there. I wasn't prepared for this so I did't have anything planned. At first it sounded like a great idea. A free evening, just for myself!

After an hour, however, I was totally lost! What should I do? I should use that chance well, what would that be? I can't just lay on the sofa that's for sure, the weather is just too good. (Cleaning is off the list too, it's too hot.) Oh my god, I started to feel pressure about my free time. Pathetic..

Well, luckily I was fortunate enough and my old friend from University times will accompany me for a drink. I put some summer clothes on, walked to the nearest supermarket, bought a salad and strawberries, walked to the lake shore, enjoyed them and enjoyed this awesome evening sunshine and in a while I'll meet with my friend for a drink.

That's something I wasn't able to do for a very long time. I feel like I've earned it. :D




Party! Party! Party!

Girls pillows party 😂

You have a wild imagination 😉

I have to admit that😊

I have work tomorrow :D

You should've know that your husband can arrange surprises when he decides something.

I guess free evening was pleasant surprise.

Nicely done!


I think you have deserved the free evening as you said.

It really was!

Apparently, he still can surprise me quite a bit. :)

very good evening...........................

It was very nice! :)

A totally amazing for me too when see a sunset lake and woods totally artistics

Appreciate that! It was a quick photo though. I was sitting there with my strawberries. :)

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