Loss of a friend and steemit member Adept, any help would be appreciated.

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A good friend to many of us, Luke Leipler @Adept, has pass away last weekend. He passed unexpectedly in his sleep, and the ceremony will be held this coming Saturday.

For those of you who do know him, already feel this shock, and know that there is a large circle of us here to talk if you need us. He was a brilliant individual who inspired so many when he spoke. he had a heart of gold and would do anything for a friend in need. I met Luke a few years back at a local festival, he was just getting into doing video design and was helping with projections using a software that he made that would play random images in a shape to the beat of the music. We hit it off from there and have been quite good friends since.

Luke contributed a lot to Steem, I know that he introduced many people to this platform, and cryptocurrencies in general. He created www.buildwithsteem.com, which is a simple resource for developers and companies interested in building on the Steem blockchain or launching a Smart Media Token.

The idea is to highlight all of the current high quality apps already built ( and a few coming soon ) on Steem to give them a sense of what is possible with our platform.
Here is a link to his post to read more about it if you are not familiar, https://steemit.com/steemdev/@adept/buildwithsteem-com-a-resource-for-developers-and-companies-interested-in-building-their-application-on-the-steem-blockchain

He was a loving and caring partner to Alexa, fellow Steemit user @Seer, and her son Gabe. They are both going through hard times right now, thankfully they have many friends and family to help ease them through this struggle.

I am putting this post together in hopes to help raise some funds to help with some of the funeral costs, and anything else that could help @seer and her son through this transition. @Adept had a lot invested into Steem and we are currently unsure if that will be able to find its way back to his family at this point.
I am still very new at this, so maybe there are better ways of me tagging, or wording this somehow to help raise more for them, so any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will be giving all earnings on this, and the rest of the posts I put up this week to @seer to help them.
I come to asking to please upvote and resteem this, and if you were a friend of Lukes and have any stories to share, or have anything supportive to say, please do so in the comments below.
We all know what its like to lose someone we love, and its very helpful to know that there are people there for you in your time of need.
Thank you all for your love and support!

Some friends and myself will be putting together a benefit concert as well, any artist friends of Luke or Alexa, please get in touch if you would like to be part of this.


Totally shocked by this and saddened when I heard this. We should launch a SMT token in his name regardless and call it Adept and have it help support the interests that made Luke run. Rest In Peace Luke.

Adept token

Yup! it can help fund the projects he would be interested in doing.

behind you, dm me if you need anything

Fuck yeah!

I wouldnt know how to go about doing this, but I'm sure a handful of you already do, and this is something that Luke would like, Im on board, and will do whatever I can to help.

As we get closer to the launch of SMT's, we all can gather around and see what we can do. I think he would love to know his vision and love of crypto/steem and blockchain will carry on way passed himself.

edit: also, he has shares in Zappl.com , and the @thedegensloth was wondering who he should contact to make sure they gain ownership of it.

@seer is his partner, and what all earnings generated here will be sent to

Fourth of July <3

I remember this day. Only great memories in the company of Luke.

Luke is the one who first told me about Steem and insisted that I get on it. I know he brought many other new people on board as well. With his passing, Steem has lost a valuable member of the community.

Same here, he was telling me for months and I just recently joined. Absolutely agree with losing a valuable member. Luke will surely be missed.

Luke truly was a genius with an amazing heart and great stories... like when he used to mine bitcoin at the college library. BRILLIANT! He will be missed deeply. My sympathy to his family and loved ones. I'm so sorry for your loss.

This is so bloody sad man!! :( I am sure his family can be helped as far as the funds in his account go, I see no reason why that can't be possible!! Gahh this is tragic!! Rest in peace @adept - And huge love to anyone affected xxx


luke l aka lxuke aka adept is the fucking man. he was on every iteration of my board digitalgangster.com and is a certified hustler. i don't even want to talk about the dude in past tense because i guarantee he is in the matrix. we discussed many of his upcoming projects two weeks ago, so he had plans to do a bunch more on earth planet.

honestly one of the most well respected and loved members of the hacker affiliate community and a righteous cypherpunk.

geeks don't die we just decompile
we don't decompose cause that's not our style


He is in a higher state of being now looking over us wishing us all the best, no doubt about it :-)

This is incredibly sad! Especially since it came out of nowhere! It seemed that Luke added a ton to this community and will be missed! I hope his family is able to get access to his Steem Power! He currently has over 36,000 (which is valued at $150,000)!

He was connected with Steemit Inc. and think with the downpowering that his earnings are getting to his family, hope so....he was a hard worker and asset
it is very sad

I certainly hope so! He will definitely be able to provide for his family for a while once it is powered down!

Yes he had quite a bit invested in the platform thats for sure, we dont know the logistics of things as of yet but home that his earnings can be trasfered somehow. Until then, this is all I know how to do to help. Thanks for your support.

Fly to the higher realms my friend

hes there, having a blast of a time!

Condolences to his family.....I was friends with him, had very deep conversations about the platform, business and intiatives and then silence....... heard the news and flipped out on air in a forum because he was such a nice person and steemian and was floored by this news.
Prayers out to his beautiful family


As were we, such a shock to hear about it really. Im glad you got to have some good conversations with him ;-) Thanks for your wishes <3

Looking at his picture and reading your story I find it a shame I did not know him. My sympathy to his family and friends. What a young man to go so young.

I do not think they will have problems getting the money out or paying the funeral. When you look in his wallet, you see the account is downpowering. I hope and wish the finances are the least of their problems.

He was very young and its tragic indeed, really saddens me to see him gone.
I hope the money isnt an issue, but thought putting a post up like this could help a bit. Im unsure the state of his account, and figured anything could help. thanks for your support!

He gave me my first big upvote, and I exchanged a few words with him on Discord. Shocked to hear of this loss.

He had a heart of gold and loved to help good people out when he could <3

This is one of his friends from high school and he started getting me into Steem a couple months ago. We always kept in touch but Luke was always a great guy to be around. He is the one that taught me about Bitcoin and we always used to nerd it out to anything we could. He was a great friend and will always be missed by everyone in this community. I will also support and give any help needed into getting an ADEPT Token created in his name because that's the least he deserves. I'm glad after reading through all these comments that he helped me and a lot of people over his lifetime and I already miss him since the day I last spoke to him on January 31st. RIP "The Lukester" Leipler

Dream..., another fresh soul gone.. 🙏🙏🙏🙏Rest in peace brother....

oh wow - my condolences. I just discovered buildwithsteem earlier today and was thinking wow - this is cool.

wishing the very best of regards.

Enjoy the platform, thats what he wanted people to do :-)

@armageddonparty @seer

I am so sorry for your loss!

While I didn't know adept well - we only messaged 2 or 3 times, he was one of the earlierst supporters of my own project smartsteem where he sold his votes

And I am extremely grateful for that!

I've made the change that the profit of adept's sold votes will go 100% to you - without any cut from our side.

While this won't heal any wounds in your heart, I at least hope that this will help you financially!

Im glad you had positive interactions with him through here and he was able to help you when you needed it, and thank you for being here and doing what you are doing! No need to send anything to me, I was just trying to help @seer out with whatever I could. Its never easy losing a loved one, I don't have first hand experience of losing one so close, but I can see all the love being spread that its making things easier for some :-)


I mentioned you because you were the one who created the post, but the funds will of course go to @seer!

Just thinking about losing someone like that - I'm really sorry @seer!! :'(

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Oh my god he was the same age as me!!!! I am so sad about this :'(

nice and beautiful album.thanks

Miss you Luke.

I only knew Luke for a little over a year. I never got to know him as much as I would have liked, but in the time I knew him he was great. So open minded, and eager to teach anyone willing to listen. Luke taught me everything I know about cryptocurrency, and he encouraged me to create an account on this website. If it were not for him I would have never even heard of steemit. From talks of conspiracies and aliens over cigarettes , to helping me understand his passions and exploring new ideas, Luke was always fun to be around. To Alexa , his family and close friends; my thoughts and prayers are with you. Death is never easy to cope with, just know that energy/souls (especially his) can never be destroyed. I picture him somewhere peaceful, exploring "the cathedrals of his mind" with a big smile on his face. Rest easy Luke.