Helping my Friend @kattycrochet get Home! Family is Everything ~

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These last few years have been life changing for many of us. Whether there were changes financially, career wise, or a change in location where one resides it has been a challenge and for some a serious struggle.

Life as we know it has not been the same with all the recent events that stormed in and created discomfort and for many of us chaos in our normal routines due to limitations.

Today I am writing this post on behalf of my good friend @kattycrochet in hopes that we as a community can pull together to help her get back home to Venezuela to be with her family again. She did not ask me to make this post. This is something I wanted to do and knew I could do that would possibly be able to help her with her goal.

@Kattycrochet will receive 100% of the rewards of this post, it all goes to her!

Before I go further into details about the situation, let me give you some background on why I was moved to do this for Katty.

𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐵𝒶𝒸𝓀𝑔𝓇𝑜𝓊𝓃𝒹

photo credit: @kattycrochet

For the last few months I have been working with her behind the scenes in two different communities; NeedleWorkMonday and Stock Images.

She reached out to me letting me know that she wanted to help with contest organizing and helping to keep her favorite community, NeedleWorkMonday, active. At that time there were two of us on the admin team, myself and @marblely and we had four community builders which she was one of. I was really impressed and excited to know that she wanted to do even more within our community.

We worked out some things and allowed her to organize and run her first contest which was a success and she felt really great about it. From there she just kept working.

She created our new needlework dividers for the community posts and contest we do. She along with @lauramica decided to open up a Spanish channel in our discord to make others feel more comfortable and at home. Then she started making these beautiful message images for us to leave on posts of those who entered our contests.

This is the first one she made for the jeans contest…


Here is the latest one she created for our Mother’s Day jewelry contest…


She also made each one in Spanish to leave on those who predominantly speak their mother tongue.

She continued giving us new ideas and a fresh flavor to add to the community. This is extremely helpful especially when you’ve done something for so long and could use a new angle and a new set of eyes to help spice things up a bit. Even our contest winner selections have gone easier since she started collecting all of the entries and adding the links to one place where we can easily view and click on them.

We promoted her to the Mod of the needlework community because we saw the love she had for it and the people therein.

As I further talked with her I learned that Hive had become her main source of income. Due to her health conditions she was no longer able to work as a teacher but instead worked from home. She was not only happy to do the work but she was also appreciative that we allowed her to step into a new leadership role which allowed her to receive incentives and benefits from doing the weekly showcase and running the contest.

With this new information I had another opportunity for her that would help bring in even more Hive benefits.

photo credit: @kattycrochet

Katty started becoming involved and active in the Stock Images community contributing her photos for Hivers to use. At that time we needed some extra help with curating, looking over the community along with other tasks. I reached out to @minismallholding about Katty and talked with her about how well she was doing in the needlework community and how she could use more work to help her generate more income.

Before you know it she was part of the team. She jumped right in to curate, leave messages on posts and help with the maintenance. She is now also rotating with me doing the the weekly curation showcases.

Katty is not only my co-worker here on Hive but she is also my friend. We have had the opportunity to speak outside of Hive and I have enjoyed getting to know her better. She is a jewel and an inspiration that has added a spark to my Hive life and I love and appreciate her.

The thing about having people like Katty here is that she not only helps and supports people within our community but in your community as well. What I mean by that is we are all connected by Hive. The same people that posts in our community are some of the same folks that posts in yours.

When people feel well supported and appreciated they stick around. It’s a team effort to keep retention high here and we are blessed to have those who work hard keeping this goal in mind. So what one does for one community they do for all communities because we are all a part of the Hive ecosystem.

𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝒢𝑜𝒶𝓁

image credit: @kattycrochet

This was one of the goals Katty listed back at the end of 2021 and I can surely say she has met this goal.

This was written in a post by her shortly after her first Hive Birthday:

Being in Hive I have learned a lot about the universe of cryptocurrencies, I have been able to develop in other environments and I have invested my earnings to save to return to my country where I would like to promote this platform among my friends and family so they can also feel the freedom that Hive gives us.

She has been saving her earned rewards to help her get back home to her loved ones in Venezuela. Fortunately Hive allows her to work anywhere in the world so she prefers home near her mother and family.

Many people are returning from South America to Venezuela because the conditions have changed a little. There is more food in the supermarkets and even more job opportunities have opened up. Due to the demand of Venezuelans returning to the country airline ticket prices have risen. Katty has been trying to get credits and financing to pay for the tickets so she can get back home.

She currently resides in Lima and it’s three times more expensive to travel from there directly to Venezuela. Her family is planning to travel via Escala to Columbia and then continue to Venezuela to help cut the cost. She expressed to me she’d rather not have to power down to do this so this is where I stepped in.

I may not be a whale or have the funds in my account to give her all she needs but I knew I could write this post in honor of her and what she has done for community to try to help get some extra support to her. I say a lot of times what I wish I could do for people or I wish I had this and that to give. I have time and a passion to write so that is what I am giving to her.

We as a community can help support her and her family’s goal to return home by simply upvoting this post. I appreciate your support and thank you in advance for helping this cause.

Let’s help Katty get home! 💓


Dear @crosheille, I have not words to express the grateful feeling I have felt with your beautiful and emotive words.
I love to work behind the scenes for my favorite communities.
Being part of the NeedleWorkMonday's team has been a great experience. You and @marblely have been a great support.
I love working with the Girls @romeskie, @lauramica,and @neumannsalva they are very friendly and we make a very good team.
Thanks to @minismallholding to permit me to be part of the Stock Images team, because I have learned a lot about curation there.

I really want to come back home this year, and I am working so hard to reach my goal. So I want to thanks HIVE to give me the opportunity to work and get incomes from home.

THANKS everybody here, and thanks my dear fríend @crosheille for this great gesture.
God bless you!

We have been blessed to have such a great team and workflow.

I know you’ve been working hard which is why I wanted to do this simple gesture to try to add on to what you’ve already saved. I know you can use every little bit and I hope it helps in a tremendous way.

God Bless you too sweet friend ~ 🤗💓

When crosheille suggested you to help in the community it was perfect timing and gratefully received. You've been a boon to the community, thank you.

Thanks a lot for your suport.
Blessings for you 🥰🤗

Quite impressive everything you tell us about your friend @kattycrochet, fortunately Hive allows this to be true friends with people all over the world. You have done an excellent job within your community and although it doesn't happen as often as we would like, we know the tireless work you do that benefits the whole ecosystem. All my support, it is always good to collaborate to bring the family together, strong vote in favor on the way. Thank you.

Yes, she's quite a jewel here. 😊

That is very true about Hive. I have met some amazing people here and have been able to build friendships even outside of the platform.

Wow thanks so much for such a sweet and supportive comment, it’s greatly appreciated. Yes, I am all about family and felt the need to step in to try to help them be reunited. Thanks so much for your words of support ~

Thanks a lot my friend @yonnathang for your Kind words.
You a your team do a great job within Hive.
Blessings for you.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to feel stranded away from home and family. If there is any way we can help her to get home then I'm sure many will jump at the chance.

Wonderful news that things are improving in Venezuela. I hope it continues.

I really feel very grateful for this great gesture of solidarity from Crosheille and everybody here in Hive. This motivates me to continue working to give back a small part of so much support and love.

What a joy to read this publication, to know that there is solidarity and brotherhood. Those of us who have had the joy of meeting @kattycrochet know that she is a person dedicated to his work, his family and his friends. Being away from your roots, from your home and family, must be the hardest thing there is. All my support for you @kattycrochet, that this publication reaches many hivers and the goal is achieved. "Having you back in our country." I hope it will be very soon and I can give you that hug in person. I, like @crosheille, also love you very much.

Thanks a lot my friend.
I hope to be in my country very soon and visit you some day.
Blessings for you.

Thanks for your words and support ~

Aww how emotional ❤️. Thank you for all your work at Hive, @kattycrochet, I'm glad to see everything you were able to achieve in all this time! It is seen that you work hard and deserve many good things. I hope you can see your family again, you will, I'm sure. And I'm going to want to see photos of that trip 😃.

Thank you Crosheille for making this post for her. And thanks to the NWM community for letting me know these amazing people ❣️.

My best wishes for you, Katty.

Thanks for your friendship and your good wishes @lauramica, of course, I want to take a lot of photos to share with all of you, when I arrive home,with God favor 🙏

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I really appreciate your kind gesture towards helping her with your good deeds which is pretty nice and am very sure she will appreciate you for the kindess you've rendered which is pretty awesome by showing love and care.

Thanks for your thoughtful comment @emeka4. I'm grateful for the tools set in place here to be able to be a blessing to others. I'm praying this gesture will help get the support she needs. 😊

This publication has left me with my mouth open, I don't even know what to say or write. Crosheille and all of you have said it all.
Knowing that Kattycrosheille is coming back is great news, maybe we can finally meet. I am only going to ask you one thing dear Katty, if you pass by Guatire you can not fail to enter my house, whatever time it is, here I will keep a plate of food prepared especially for you and your family.
Since I met you I knew you were a beautiful person; I hope this publication can raise a lot of money for you to come back home. I will be making my contribution soon.

Thank you @Crosheille, I have nothing more to say to you but "God bless you for being the way you are with us".

Thanks a lot my dear friend, I also hope to meet you soon in person.
You are one of the beautiful people Hive has given me as a friend.
Do not doubt that I will accept your invitation and at some point I will visit you with God's favor. A hug friend, your friendship is the greatest contribution I can receive.

Thanks for your words and support Carolina! I hope this post continues to grow and raise more monies for her as well. That would be awesome if you two could meet up once she gets home. 😃

Aww thanks so much. You all have such a special place in my heart and I'm willing to do what I can to always help and support and just be a friend ~ 🤗☺️🥰💓

Hello @crosheille very nice gesture of solidarity and support to our partner. I wish with all my heart that very soon she will be able to get enough funds to buy her tickets.

Certainly most of the Venezuelans have said they feel better in their country and have returned. I am very happy for both of you, for you because you have gained an excellent moderator for the community and a good friend and for her because I am sure that from any part of the world her performance will be excellent.

Thank you! Thank you for this post! Greetings.

Thanks my friend for this Kind comment.
I hope to be soon in my country near my family and friends and you are part of them.

Thanks for chiming in @creacioneslelys. I am fervently praying for her and her family that they will soon be reunited with their other loved ones.

I’m so glad conditions are improving there and people are able to return with hope.

I am very thankful for her as well as everyone that has been helpful and contributed in our community. I am even more grateful for the friendships I’ve gained here ~ ☺️

@crosheille no sabes lo que disfruto poder ver contenido de calidad en esta comunidad, @kattycrochet es una pieza clave para la plataforma, es una persona que da sin esperar nada a cambio. Es una paisana que hive me permitió conocer y apreciar. @kattycrochet es excepcional! Pronto tu sueño se hará realidad.

Gracias @marytp20, conocerte y ser tu amiga ha sido un honor y todo gracias a esta plataforma que es nuestra casa.
Gracias por tus lindas palabras.

I agree with all of these statements. Thanks for showing your support and expressing your gratitude towards Katty ~

Mi apoyo para @kattycrochet pronta recuperación y un abrazote cada granito aporta @crosheille.

Wuo realmente emocionante tus palabras crosheille, me sentí edentigicado con Kathy ya que también estoy en el extranjero desde hace 4 años, he vivido en carne propio lo difícil y doloroso que es estar lejos de la familia, este año me propuse regresar a mi Venezuela amada.

Le deseo el mejor de los éxitos estimada @kattycrochet con la bendición de dios y a ayuda de todos vas a reencontrarte con tus seres queridos. Lo declaró en el nombre de Dios 🙏

Muchas gracias @cesar32 por tus buenos deseos.
Espero que puedas regresar y abrazar a tus seres queridos muy pronto.
Bendiciones para ti.

Gracias mi estimada 😊

Thanks for your comment. I am glad you were able to return home to your loved ones. Let's continue to pray that she will be able to do the same as well :)

Many blessings to you ~

Gracias mi estimada pero aun no he regresado a mi país, la situación es muy complicada para regresar por falta de recursos económicos.. No pierdo las esperanzas y tengo la fe puesta en dios que muy pronto estaremos de vuelta mi familia y la amiga katty

Sis.. May I know how to sell images on istock? Thanks

Hey there! A good place to start is reading this post that explains how to contribute your images...


Thank you

Anytime 👌🏽

Ntw, is stock images connected to iStock?

No. Stock Images is specifically for sharing here on Hive. Our contributors share their photos for Hivers to use in their posts. They don’t sell them but may ask for a tip or to be added as a beneficiary on the posts where their photos are used.