Adios Gone Surf

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Surfing is a journey like life. Do not give up just because you're not doing what it's on mainstream cliché!! Grab your board and go there connect with some thing bigger than You, and Us!! On the way you will find that is just the walk and not the Destiny! Because, Destiny, we all have one, but the way you choose to accomplished it, its your own choice!

"The decision is mine 
So let the lesson be mine
Let the lesson be mine
The decision is mine
The decision is mine
Cause the vision is mine The vision is mine"

Benjamin Clementine live at the Burberry Menswear January 2016 show

Dont get blind and lost in the darkness of the nacicist personality. Rejoices among our brothers, open your honest eyes and see seas of love and sharness.In the end of the day we will make it, that destiny, i am sure. Sure i am to, that in the reality of each other we merely are science fiction powerized by the universe of multiverse that the only cure is One Holistic Mind.

Benjamin Clementine is a congregator of realities and minds through the frequency, vibration and energy that his sung words emanate

Adios! I am on my journey...