Wow super cool! I love surfing! Love the slo mo bra!

Damn! The jellyfish again! I'm staying on the beach

Ahaha yeh, I went to my local beach in the afternoon for an hour. Thank goodness there were no stingys ;) I think its time to buy a new steamer to cover the arms and legs. My other steamer fills with water as a result of the zipper falling down all the time. Its probably better than blue bottles though ;)

My God, I'm speechless !! Those cutbacks are very good. Well done!!
You now understand the importance of looking back.

Notice: - In the images we can see very well where your head is facing. You did it right!! Very good!! Did you feel that feeling when we're doing well?

Remember this is one of the secrets of the cutback.

The next step is to master this technique. Practice is the key to success!

This is where the carver skate plays a very important role. Repeating the movement will allow our brain, through a phenomenon called plasticity of the brain, to learn and store movement in our muscle memory.

Once you have mastered the technique, you will be able to achieve the so-called "High Peak of Performance" then you just have to add your soul. And enjoy!

Keep in mind:
“What makes a surfer stylish is perfect technique, precise timing, and the intangible – a projection of personality, spirit, and confidence.” Brad Gerlach

Coherence of the heart and brain.

By the way, I'm glad you took the gopro.

To be able to see you evolve not only as a surfer but also as a human being who has to respect, preserve and share this planet with other living beings. Although some times you have to suffer to do it. AHAHA!!

Thank you for sharing your journey. Peace

I would like to see some footage from the beach. You have here a good option.

Very dear but looks amazing. Might have to save up for that camera hahaha. My girlfriend rolled her eyes.

Thanks for your comment.

I have been feeling it more often and it comes more natural now. I am struggling with the frontside snaps/carves and generating speed on smaller waves. I practiced for 20 minutes today on the carver focusing on snaps and pumping for speed. I noticed other advanced surfer can lift out of the water when generating speed ;) I gather this comes from lifting the arms above and in front of you?

Yes, I have a lot of respect for nature and inspires my architecture :) I was really close to a seal the other day, it was amazing, at first I got a fright.