Agreed, we will face very dire times ahead indeed, it is inevitable and obvious to those of us who can see tyranny when it is right in our face. Sadly many just don't get it and stay in the covid cult. But it will be epic as well. We are alive during this time for a reason, and it is quite an amazing time to be alive through this globalization and emergence of global tyranny as we try to navigate through uncharted waters. I'm not too optimistic for humanity in terms of stopping it, but it is a battle and I guess anything could happen. All I know is things won't get better until people start to wake up but what will that take, I don't know

I think cities will become a nightmare to live in in coming years. The best place to live will be small towns/communities where people can help and support each other without the insane levels of control from the powers that be being so overbearing.

I haven't been on much and didn't realize you weren't on 3speak anymore. This video won't play here for me.