President Assad Protecting Christians in Syria, Fighting Against Christian Genocide for 8 Years

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Video also on BitChute:

As the US ramps up its anti-Syrian propaganda during the current Syrian Arab Army quickly advancing offensive to liberate Idlib from the US-backed al-Qaeda occupied province ('the biggest al-Qaeda safe haven in the world'), it is important to remember that President Assad protects Christians in Syria, and is the only thing that stood in the way of the genocide of Syrian Christians by the US/UK/Saudi/Turkish/Israeli-armed & funded moderate head chopping 'rebels' and their allies the extremist ISIS terrorists. We must never forget that many members of the Syrian Arab Army, and even Hezbollah, sacrificed their lives to protect Christians and other minorities from slaughter by these terrorists in Syria. Christians in Syria overwhelmingly support President Assad, and he will continue to "liberate every inch of Syria" until Syria is free from the imperial western-backed genocidal Jihadists once again.

Video by Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence, removed from YouTube when his channel was deleted during the Parkland Purge. Jake got his channel back but hundreds of his extremely informative videos are no longer available online, and the information in this one is just as important and relevant now as it was during the offensive on Douma, so I just wanted to get it uploaded again, to make sure the information in this excellent video was available for the public to see.