Hahaha great episode!! Hmmm my pool boy fantasy? Well... first of all I’d break the MILF stereotypes cuz I’m gonna be crypto rich and can actually afford a pool boy while I’m young and hot. 😂

Other than that it’s probably pretty typical. It all starts by “innocently” offering lemonade in a way too revealing outfit. 😆

Classic technique! 😎

Crypto-babes will rule the world and have harems of pool boys lol

Awesome idea, good job!

My pool non gender specific fantasy would be sending the help away so I could focus on what I'd be doing once the psychedelics kick in and the nitrous tank gets to cracking... Shit is gonna get weird and I can't have any witnesses to the unadulterated debauchery...

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lol I like your style! 😎

This is amazing! I think there may be room for four on that bed! Shit, just give me the wine. lol. My pool boy Fantasy.... why pool boy? Thats sexest! HAAAA. You Guys Are HILARIOUS !!! GREAT SHOW!

Thanks and we'd love to hear your pool girl fantasy too lol 😎


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Cool thx! 😎😎

I cannot ...
My teen is a swimmer... and I thought... oh no!!! what if he ends up being a pool boy hahaha... uuuggghhh ....hahaha

As longs as he keeps swimming you're probably good lol 😎

It's amazing how the conversation started, and how it climax to serious life issues like marriage there, @lindssbs seems filled with laughter lol and @steembird lol you guys never disappoints at all, wow gotten some episodes under your belt too.

You guys are awesome! Always making Steem fun! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯

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Thanks man, we try! lol

Greetings, steembirds

Honestly, fun is the word that came into my head when watching your video.

As soon as I opened the video I started to laugh, hehehe.

Congratulations on the beautiful steem dissemination work you are doing.

Thank you for sharing and good morning!

Thanks, yeah it's a fun little project!


and now you are banging the poolboy?


Haha crazy interview with a very cool and snappy young woman :)

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Thanks! She was fun to have on the show! 😎

What a funny things happened to these pool boy. A real talk that is very entertaining. Thank you @steembirds and @nathanmars

I have a kiddie pool so no pool boy fantasy here. I fantasize about a real pool. But, I really like the conversation about holding back sneezes and really impressed with the fact nobody spilled any wine lol. Did any wine spill that isn't on camera? I really have to know!

Much wine was spilt in previous episodes lol, we're getting better! 😎

lol. Practice makes perfect I guess. This was the first episode I saw. Very funny stuff. Keep it up.

Wait.. I guess in my pool boy fantasy I'm the pool boy of the playboy mansion 😂😂😂

Cool concept 💪

Well thought out lol 😎

Thanks. Already practicing just in case I get called up 😂😂😂.

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My pool boy fantasy is that he will be as good a swimmer as me and not too much better. Then we can have endless days of fun in the water.

Wow. What a great idea. Making talkshow in a bed. I never seen this before.

Thanks @nathanmars for leading me to this post.

yeah, it's nice to work from bed lol

Do pool girls exist or no?

I hope so lol 😎

I’d be the pool boy seducing all the hot and rich divorced women !

You are very entertaining as always, I'm sharing this on Twitter as well. Cheers🥂

Thanks @nathanmars for leading me to this post🕊

Lol funny episode, my first!

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That's awesome.I am a boy too.

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Sharing on my twitter :) Thanks for the fun! ♥

Nice music, change my mind little well, well nice conversation. I will follow the cutey @LindsSBS. Life is ongoing sometimes black and sometimes color.

You guys seems happy and seems like you guys are having fun, I'm not really sure what's going on here, probably an interview session with @steembirds? Can I get a glass of wine too? Lol

This such a cool topic and full on fun to chat in bed with friends. I am a very good swimmer and going to pool is always fun task for me. followed @LindsSBS in twitter too.
Thanks @nathanmars for sharing this post.

Great conversations and smart shows

Not only entertaining but also touching our feelings and thoughts. Read interesting conversations on the bed and invite us to share our fantasy ideas.
My pool boy fantasy is it wasn't just water but swimming together in a pond full of eels.

I am a boy so I would be the pool boy and save all the damsels in distress.

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Great conversation, no dull moments!! Please keep making this guys.

You want a pool boy fantasy? Check out my blog ;)

Would have to be a pool girl with a frenchmaid costume and no underwhat on.

Cool guys, following and I'm a boy too.

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U folks forget to put no home

I like your post. From this post I learned about some of the stembeids. You'll get more posts in the future. Thank you

Nice one guys.... Following

Awesome dudes 😎

YOU play very well !!!

That's entertaining, I am a boy too

Awesome dude I am boy

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