Tarot reading on U.S. inflation

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Since it costs $7 for a dozen eggs, I figured I would take a look at inflation in the U.S.A.
Is the inflation about to skyrocket? Are we all screwed?
Let's see what the cards have to say...

It looks like the inflation is done on purpose, and that it is meant to push people to doing foolish things. I can't help but think of the riots we had in 2020.
Once the objective is completed, the inflation will no longer be needed. I am reading this as springtime... probably March, but it might be more about the number 23. I suppose it could be all of 2023.
I would love to hear what anyone thinks of this.

Peace and long life, Hive.


Before I watch the video, I'd like to say that I predicted the coming hyperinflation over two years ago. Centralized fiat currencies were SET TO CRASH in 1971, by Richard Nixon. So, the crash is inevitable.
Whether this was a black hat move, or a white hat move, we will know afterwards.
If you have savings, and those savings happen to be fiat currencies, you are screwed. Well, we have all been screwed for centuries, but some of us saw this coming, and bought some silver and/or bitcoin, anything but fiat money, which literally is monopoly money.

Well, I am lucky to not have any fiat currency, but I don't have anything else either! lol
At least inflation will leave me at about the same spot I was in before:D