My Testy Breakfast with Three Star Restaurant

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You know, I am Bangladeshi. Bangladesh is a developing country. Main breakfast rice or wheat bread vegetables and any dessert. I also like wheat bread, vegetables and sweet items in breakfast.


Last week I went to a restaurant at maghbazar, Dhaka. it's name is Three Stars Restaurant. it stands at round circle of Maghbazar of South City of Dhaka.


This restaurant is famous for his breakfast. specially vegetable and fresh dessert items. I took a rich dessert for me. They surved some pieces of cucumber.


They surved all food as hygienic way. the price of breakfast is not so high. 2 pcs wheat bread, 1 vegetable and 1 rice dessert near about 1 dollar.


Everybody are invited to this restaurant to take this testy and delicious breakfast in Bangladesh

thanking you for stopping by

All Photograph has been taken by Galaxy S6 mobile phone.

Restaurant Information

Three Star Restaurant
Mogbazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

My Testy Breakfast with Three Star Restaurant
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wheat roti wow

Wow. Nice looking Parata.

That looks so good!