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Mr Bean provides tasty and healthy soy based desserts and meals enjoyed by many Singaporeans. When it comes to desserts my rule is the healthier, the better.

My favorite dessert is beancurd, pudding-like dessert made by curdling soy milk using coagulating agents. It is rich in proteins and serves as a perfect dessert or snack.

There are many different types od beancurd you can choose, some of them: classic (1.6SGD), ginger soup (2.8SGD), granola, sea salt gula melaka, grass jelly. All products have nutrition charts and you can look them up on their website.

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There are many Mr Bean stores around the city and you can have your food take away or eat inside.


Our promise is to always provide food and beverages that appeals to everyone. Whether it’s traditional soya milk for the older generation or soya ice cream for kids, our products contain the goodness of soya bean with the added nutrition of various ingredients.

One of the best things is their pancakes (1.3 - 2SGD). Always warm, fresh and soft on the inside with a huge amount of fillings.

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My favorite is kaya cheese!

You can also find soya ice cream and classic or black soya milk (0, 25, 50, 75 and 100% sugar) which are really good.


Restaurant Information

Mr Bean
1 Fusionopolis Way, Singapore 138577

Mr bean - Life simple's pleasures
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