Typical and non-typical Filipino breakfast

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Hi Tasteemians!

Few days ago I came back from my unexpected trip to Philippines and here is the best breakfast from a place I want to share with you. Playa Papagayo is a beautiful place down the beach where you can feel at home and enjoy Mexican specials, Asians selections and Filipino dishes. We came there during the rainy season and although it wasn’t as beautiful as during the dry season, we enjoyed the view and extremely private atmosphere as we were the only guests. What is special about this place is proximity to the sea, friendly staff and it's not only a restaurant - it is also a resort!

Playa Papagayo

Here is a photo of the restaurant from when it was not raining retrieved from their website so you can feel this casual feels-like-home vibe.

We met the owner who was very welcoming and friendly. The staff was very polite as well. It felt like we came to our good friend’s restaurant. The owner recommended us to try a typical Filipino breakfast - silog.

Silog is a class of Filipino breakfast dishes containing sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (egg). Silog meals consist of fried garlic rice, egg, and basically anything else you’d like to add to your meal.

Ivan ordered tosilog – it is silog with tocino (a sweet fried pork), garlic rice and fried egg. He was surprised how strong it was for a breakfast dish and ordered few slices of toast to dilute spiciness. Garlic rice was very tasty!


I ordered waffles with one of my favorite fruits – mango. They came with maple syrup and butter which made them even better!


We liked it so much that we also came here for a lunch after 2-hour long walk on the beach. The meals are not very expensive (on average 4-5 USD), portions are quite big and there is choice for everyone's taste. Would recommend! :)


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Restaurant Information

Playa Papagayo Beach Inn and Restaurant
Barretto, Olongapo, Zambales, Philippines

Typical and non-typical Filipino breakfast
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Nice place, waffle with mango and cream look very delicious
Thanks for sharing

Thank you @libertycrypto27 for kind words! :)

Very good looking meal. I think it will be tasty. Its similar to our lunch meal in Bangladesh. Its heavy here having at breakfast. We usually take light at breakfast. But i have enjoyed this guide. Its looking tasty and delicious. Nice guide.

Thank you @engrsayfu for nice words!

In Croatia we would also have something as heavy as this for a lunch. Breakfast would be just a cereal, toast, eggs, fruits or a sandwich.

Good. Thanks for explanation

Mmmmm now I'm hungry. 😄

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Know the feeling 😃


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Thanks @tasteem! I enjoy being a part of it :)

That looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing this with us

Thanks for your feedback @sgbonus! :)