@TeamAustralia Virtual Meet-Up Minutes

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Hey Team!!

First off. HIVE five ✋ to everyone who attended the meet-up (see what I did there 😉). Thank you all for your time and for sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

It was great to see some familiar and new faces come together to discuss the future of the team, which, btw, will be undergoing some significant changes.

As per below.

🔸️ We will be leaving the AUS/NZ server behind and starting fresh on the Centerlink discord. This also means we will be using a different bot for the upvote service. Details coming soon!

🔸️ This is now our official logo. Colours are still up for discussion. We kinda forgot about that part of the logo.


🔸️ There will be two scheduled meet-ups every month. The Adelaide one hosted by @mattclarke at The Jade on the last Thursday of every month and a virtual one on discord on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

🔸️ Last but definitely not the least.

We are rebranding from @teamaustralia to @hiveaustralia!! 🥳✋🐨

This not only cements our fresh start but it will also enable us to promote $Hive in Australia better while keeping our own branding and identity.

There will be a few changes coming in the next couple of weeks and we will keep you all up to date via @hiveaustralia as we go.

If you have any questions please pop them in the comments :)

Happy Sunday!!



Freaking awesome, great to see this reinvigorated. Let me know what I can do to help. Be happy to do the vegemite roll call once a month if you like.

Woohooo!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know we're no longer "team aus" but still, team effort is needed. I'm definitely not gonna knock back help :D Missed you last night too! 💛

Actually the hive honeycomb looks pretty great in yellow and black O_O

Think the ocean needs to be darker than what you have there but lighter than what's currently on the Discord logo. Though that blue is kind of growing on me.

It's looking so nice and awesome and shiny and I love it :D

Go the yellow and black!! I'm assuming you wrote the comment before I changed the logo pic lol and I'm hoping the blue us to your liking :D Missed you last night!!!

Yes I saw the version with the light blue and thought that was a bit too bright XD I thought the blue on the Discord logo was a bit dark but then the more I was staring at that one the more I thought yeh it's okay, and if this is the same shade of blue I quite like it.

Virtual meet up was great 👍 my performance in the splinterlands tournament not so much☹️

It was great to meet you! Sorry to hear about the tournament though. How late did you stay up?

Only till about 3:30 am, i did pick up a few tip from the pro’s though so worth it.

It looks like we're back in action.

We sure didly are! Thanks for coming last night! Was good to see you!

It was great to see you again too.

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Shame I missed this one but happy to host one IRL someday in Melbs...

The next one is next Saturday :) I'll post a reminder in a couple of days. A Melb meet up would be amazing. Theres a few of you over there.

Cool, but what time? I work Saturdays....

Well done and I'll look forward to the next one. Apologies I haven't been reading discord all that often.

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