Stumbling on a Relic

in #teamaustralia5 months ago

As a catholic, one of the things that we believe in are relics.
Here is a link regarding the relics to simply things for everyone:,has%20touched%20him%20or%20herself.

Moving on, I stumbled on this in Manila Cathedral.

The relic is a part of the true cross- the cross where Jesus Christ died.

I got drawn toward the cross which was inticately curved. A part of me felt at peace in that room. I feel so happy, secured, calm.

I approached the cross and saw this and realized that it was indeed a relic. I was not aware what type of relic but, I remember praying this:

Have mercy on me Lord in my sufferings and pain do not abandon me.

That I think summarizes all the things that I felt the past few months. I did not feel healed immediately but the process started right there and then.

I felt comforted even now that I am writing this.

Here are the pictures I took with the carvings done on that cross.

They are truly impressive!