HiveMalaysia Durian Session

in #teammalaysia11 months ago


Its been awhile since we were all able to do a proper physical Meetup since March due to the nationwide lockdownds and such.

Finally in a very impromptu decision, a few of us managed to gather togather to do what we do best.!! Eat!!


There is nothing better then meeting up and have conversations over Durian.. The King of Fruits !!

We even had about 4 different variety m most of us to get it organized.

Let's see if I got everyone who came..

@littlenewthings, @joannewong, @aaronliang, @orangila, @redpalestino, @zord186, @superoo7 and myself 😂😂


Cheers all and will surely start getting it organized again hopefully soon.


I is sadding. And Isaac is @zord189 iinm 🤣

I know quite a few faces.. hopefully will join next year!!