When we have a man down, we will help

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@littlenewtings contacted the Daily Bread Food Bank regarding this situation, and we know this is legit error she has done.

For the last few years she worked hard to help build @gtpjfoodbank and worked closely with #teammalaysia from STEEM to HIVE and she never abuses whatever that was earned here.

Fortunately we totally forgotten about our STEEM that was sitting there gathering funds, and the main @gtpjfoodbank account has been curating helping the communities the other side.

All was set up well forgotten by @littlenewthings and now she needs our help.

What we can do right now, and not invoking a 13 days power down is to send whatever we have with us.

We have $2 worth of SBD and we will send it out straight to her binance account to consolidate all the funds to sell out to settle her maxed credit card.

We also hope when she has finally gathered her thoughts, she will be able to chart the whole thing through and through for us to know the details.

Our director talked to her just now on the phone and she still sound calm, but that is not the girl we knew. She's always bubbly. #teammalaysia people and even the Daily Food bank team can attest to it.

Even the last 2 weeks when she was busy preparing her mom's operation, she still came to help us to pack the first round.

She never asked anything in return, so this time with her literally begging for help, we know something really bad has happened*.

So we are not going to hesitate to help however we can.

This is her post.


We will also ask her to re-blog this post for us for us, so that you can see she is a genuine person. The last 4 years have been really hard on her shouldering everything herself with a little bit of help from her brother to support her parents. We do not know what really spur her to make such a move but we know God is steadying her heart. Otherwise she could have collapsed with this shock.

She never used so much money at one go. According to what after we talked to her about, it is MORE THAN $3000 USD IS POTENTIALLY BURNT.

We hope that she learns her lesson here. Because she did something that no child should do for the sake of the parents.

But we also understand, desperation makes foolish people.

We look forward to hear her confession later in how she get con into this.

In the mean time, we will help her with all the groceries for the next few months.

Please know that this is not a condemning post. We all love her dearly and want her to get out of this trouble soon.

Best regards
Daily Bread Food Bank Crypto Updates Media Team

(we associate with @gtpjfoodbank. We managed to buy up this username that will be inline with the Facebook and Instagram accounts.)

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😭 I am really sorry for all the trouble caused! Those are supposed to help any recipient in the blockchain when in trouble!
Now I feel like a scoundrel taking the funds we built

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