I lost $3000 USD in one future's

in LeoFinance3 months ago (edited)

My friend asked me to cut losses

But i have lost everything. My savings is just $100 left.

I cannot even service my mortgage.

I know this is stupid, but if one HIVEian can donate me 1 HBD it will be a miracle.

I wanted to help pay up my mom’s medical and i got this part time job.

And little did i knew that i am stuck with futures fund training.

And we all have to follow instructions. As a class, if one makes a mistake, then everyone is stuck.

I didnt make any mistakes, but one did and we are stuck.

To cut my losses, i lost 3000 HBD, but i still need to service my mortgage.

So if one HIVE-ian can spare me 1HBD, I will be eternity grateful.

Because my mortgage loan is tomorrow.Everything is stuck in staking


Sending love on the way.

Thank you so much jadeline is there anyway I can spread this help further?
Everything is locked up

I am currently trying to power down, but it will take me 13 weeks to consolidate my funds to service.

I give you something that is not so tangible, but still a token

How on earth did you get yourself so much trouble within 1 day??
You are the most logical minded amongst all of us who know you personally. This is not like you.
Whatever I can help I will try, but please don't top up to try to save your stuck account!

You should spill the beans how you ended up like this so that people don't get into the same trouble you are in

We are so sorry to hear. You tried so hard to help us, and yet you got yourself into trouble. We can do nothing but to upvote for you first.
If you want to un-delegate please do so. We do not want you to be continuously be in trouble. 3K USD is a lot of money

No. It is going to be wasting good resources and time.
I am consolidating as much liquidity that is not locked to settle my credit card debt first.

Why did you do that my daughter? You should not have done that.
You have always been the smart one.
What we have here if you can settle your maxed out credit card please do it.

You're not an idiot, you're a person who has fallen victim to a scam. Contrary to popular belief, smart people fall for scams also.

Hold yourself together. Talk to your friends and family, you will feel ashamed but you will also come to terms with that. You're in a new more difficult situation, as you don't have money that you were relying on, but tomorrow will be a new day and you will survive.

Thank you for your kind words.
My friends are majority in financial problem as well. Probably that is why I wanted so badly to have this part time job (it all started as part time job) successful, and at least be ready to help whenever I can when it happens.

It has been a very hard journey the last 6 months.

But if you do not mind, I am planning to post my entire financial recovery here.
Your encouraging words and upvotes (I un-bashfully request) will make a huge difference to speed up my financial recovery.

It is very unclear what happened or why you ask for money.
I’m not sure you are taking the correct approach.
The lack of clarity makes the entire thing smell fishy.

It is okay. I actually just posted the full extend of the story a couple of minutes ago

I was very distraught yesterday. My apologies. This has never happened to me before.

It’s all good, I don’t wish you ill. And I’m sorry you fell for a scam.
Though my point was more that posting in the hivefest channel when this has nothing to do with hivefest… that was the bit that didn’t feel appropriate.

Noted . I left the channel already as I don’t see the necessary to stay there anymore. So you won't see similar things happening again.

Anyways, if you are still interested to read what really happened, here it is.


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