Craving Baked Potato for lunch but….

in #teammalaysia3 years ago

I got no oven at home and I don’t want to order food delivery due to the price of baked potato is not cheap (For Me) so I find an affordable way to satisfy my craving by using a frying pan to fry the potato.

It is affordable compare to order out, just a bit more work to prep, to cook and also a bit of waiting time. The ingredients that goes to the prep is super minimal, all the ingredients easily available at your kitchen.

Still Cooking…


  • Potato
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Olive Oil

I do not have herb ingredients therefore I keep it simple only. This is consider “heaty” meal so if you decide to cook this, please drink a lot of water. If you have a full stainless steel frying pan, it’s better to use that because the heat transfer is better than the coated stainless steel frying pan. That just my opinion and observation when cooking food that require high heat. 😊

Done, can eat already yay!

Although it is not as crunchy as the baked potato from oven but still I’m happy with the result. The total cost of this is about $1.20.