Red day on the market.....

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And not much movement yet.. So I go do face mask (not the face mask that need to wear whenever step out from house😜). I enjoyed a cooling peppermint kind of face mask, feel cold and relax. Since the market is red, I get some green mask to complement it haha. 😆

Me & my cat Alan

I prefer the mask that put onto my skin although it is a bit more work compare to the sheet mask. I used to like sleeping mask however sleeping mask price is getting more expensive therefore I'm switching to more affordable face mask. Inflation is real!

Let get into the process of applying face mask.

  1. Wash your face using cleanser/soap (whichever you prefer)
  2. Dry your face using tower
  3. Put on the face mask (either liquid, mud, sheet mask, gel and etc)
  4. Watch some video, read some book or write some posts like me while waiting for 30 minutes before wash off. If you're using sheet mask then don't wash off after you remove.

What are the benefit of doing face mask?

  1. It's going to hydrate and moisturising your skin
  2. To reduce/slow the sign of aging
  3. Clean your face by removing excess oil
  4. Pulling out the impurities on your face
  5. Feeling being pamper at your comfort home

It is as easy as 1 2 3...

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Fuuuhhhhh only a few of the coins is in green today which are LUNA, SOL, ALGO, CRO, HEX, MATIC and etc.


Most of the blocks are red in color 😅

Hi Alan, how come you don't have any face mask on? 😺

Haha.. Alan busy sleeping.. :P