The capsicum🫑 are too pretty how to eat?🙁

in #teammalaysia3 years ago

Look at how pretty are these capsicum😍. The colour was the main reason why I purchased the capsicum, it reminded me of the traffic light🚦. How do I end up buying the capsicum? As I was browsing and choosing vegetables to buy on the vegetable aisle at the grocery store near where I live (this was before the covid cases rise to a seven thousands a day😔), capsicum colour was the most outstanding among all the green vegetables. Even 🍅 colour is not as pretty + fresh as the capsicum. From half meter, you can spot the capsicum at the aisle, looking pretty and fresh too. That how I end up buying capsicum and some other green vegetables.

So when I purchased the capsicum at the grocery store, I didn’t think of how or what to cook with the capsicum and decided to figure it out later via YouTube or just google the recipe. At last decided to cook the capsicum with 🧄 + oyster sauce + a bit of salt. Simple and Easy recipe, it turn out to be ok and eatable😅.

I took out the capsicum before I cook and was appreciating how beautiful is the capsicum. Almost put back into the fridge because it is too pretty and don’t want to cook it but cannot do that since it will go bad a few days later. Have to cook regardless pretty or not. I’m curious how does the raw capsicum taste since it has 3 different colour, turn out Red, Yellow & Green taste the same😐.

Have you ever experience this before where the vegetables is too pretty to cook and end up still have to cook it?