Telos Planet - Now Connects to SQRL Wallet!

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Today it was announced that Telos Planet now works with SQRL Wallet, this is in addition to Scatter. The SQRL additions is a welcome update since to be honest, Scatter was a bit laggy in the transaction connection.

As you can see, I completed my Telos Planet monument. It currently backs right up against the edge of the playable map, so both sides have TELOS written on it, but there is nothing on the ground on the other side yet.

REMEMBER: If you held EOS in a registered wallet back during the June 1, 2018 genesis snapshot, then you also own an equal amount of Telos Tokens (TLOS) and your account name and key is the same.

Here is a link to download SQRL Wallet

Here is a tutorial for creating an account on Telos if you don't already have one

More info on EOS/Telos Planet

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