Yep, got it.

I think maybe they are still integrating changes. Someone mentioned a friends tab which I don't see so maybe that't the new feed and it will show up at some stage for me.

You must be the worlds smartest dude because I didn't think about typing the /feed thing in despite doing it a gazillion times to check out other people's feeds. I'm at work though and so semi-distracted...That's my excuse anyway. My other excuse is I'm a dumb-ass.


@mattclarke told me about it 2 years ago....we are in the same boat :)

also you can check anyone's feed by typing / feed in the end of anyone'e homepage

Yes, that's who told me...Also about two years ago...I have been distracted trying to work and steem at the same time so it didn't occur to me. I use it all the time when I am curating...Like an idiot I didn't think of it though. Lol.

/feed is useful if you have other accounts.

My main account has my follows, so when I'm on another interface and logged on with say @abh12345.sports, i can go to my main account feed to see what's going on.

Yeah, it's a good trick and one I use a lot...Just not yesterday when I had a blonde moment. Lol.

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