Hey there you fucking worthless sellout!!!

Now that you have no stake, get the fuck outta here!!!

Haven't you taken enough from this community by dumping and selling your ill-gotten stake? Now you stick around to rub it in everyones faces? Go fuck yourself.

lmao salt jester .. text me on telegram

Circkejerk 'A' to the right, circlejerk 'B' you have been muted.
Better luck next time!

You could've been a king,...


I know what you (and many others) mean, at first I was also shocked, but couldn't it actually have been the best decision to sell Steemit? Now, for example, Steemit, Inc. doesn't need to sell STEEM every month anymore.

At least I concede to @ned that he had the best intentions, and I would suggest to make peace with the past, where there are good and not so good memories, and concentrate on the future ... The remaining team members of Steemit, Inc. doesn't seem to see the change that negative ...
Anyway, I am not here to argue, and obviously the clear majority disagrees with my point of view.

Wish you a good time! :)

(By the way, my idea to limit the influence of single huge stake holders would be to grant every account not more than five to (at maximum) ten witness votes ...)



Hi @ned I am happy for these developments and the future developments to I hope it gets more features soon.

Looks like it works....need to bump my corp mates!

Didn't consider doing this when communities were in beta?

By the way, in case you dont know, you have to ensure that you are actually posting to a community when testing them. Your first tag should be the tag for the community, and if you use the UI, you should ensure "posting to blog" is not selected. I have attached some helpful example screenshots for you below.

Posting to SteemDevs community

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 6.11.20 PM.png

What you did

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 6.11.27 PM.png


To be honest, I wasn't expecting that. I find it kind of strange that what you post in your community isn't under blog. After all, it's still your blog, just a specific division of it. Of course I know that's just a front-end display, but still.

You can make community posts appear in your blog by resteeming them. Not very user friendly, but it works.

Ahhh, interesting! Thanks for the tip.

Steem is now moving at the speed of light

Panda bear! I hope you are doing good!

They really are irresistible!

Good Day Ned
Good to see you


Congrats! This is really exciting stuff.

Hey man. Great to hear from you. Gotta be some weight off your shoulders.
Don't be a stranger.

but you didn't add it to a community?

Fuck off you piece of shit. You are not welcome here.

Looks like you forgot the whole part where you are supposed to post it to a community.

Not sure there’s a community that wants him.


I think we added him to the Original Memes community because, well, he's the original meme.

...It's happening. So excited! 🙂

Finally! Right? 😎😁

Yep...I hope my Lego Community takes off...The world needs more Lego! 🤣

... just not under-foot, or, hoof in my case

Oh yes, I know right? Stepping on a Lego block is widely accepted to be the most excruciating pain known to mankind. Ever. I assume it would also be painful on one's hoof yes?


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Yeah...and all you had to do to make your site better was...

Leave your company.

A true sign of excellent leadership/management skills! Good job, buddy!

Hey @ned, I might be completely blind...But I can't find my feed on steemit now...Is that a thing now or will it make a reappearance at some stage?

Hit your profile on the right side.

Yep...Don't see my feed...Just my blog dating back 6 days.

Try friends on the left.

Yeah, not working. It'll shake itself out though I'm sure. Thanks anyway.

Hi @ned, since you are here let me ask you, do you still working in any way in Steemit Inc or you are out?

not working however I am still handing over some items to help make it a smooth transition!

Ok, thanks :)
Now, let me try :D choose one, Steem or Tron?
Thanks again for your answer 👍

@ned seems to prefer dollars

I currently only own some STEEM so.... lol

Meh lol I'm talking about tecnology

Anyway I hope you don't leave Steem and start now posting, your knowledge, poetry, cats (lol), whatever you want, and as Ned interact and participate more with us.

More items that weren’t even yours?

Hey...who gets ownership of that Steem dog park in Brooklyn?

oh? Steem dog park?

Aren’t you suppose to be vacationing?

It seems to be working ok, except I don’t see my feed on mobile anymore.

Hi @ned. Are your new projects using in some way the steem blockchain? We really need new different projects to come to steem.🙃

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지금 상황에서 포스팅 하니까 웃기긴 한데
이제 ㅂㅂ2 합시다.

High af on the carnivore diet

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I support your decision recently.

I am just glad the community is finally live

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Congratulations @ned!
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Downvoted cause not posted in a community.

Gimme ur Ass and go to Hell!!!

kill yourself now before justin sues your ass or chinese assassins torture you like this 🤣

It's difficult to wade through salty tears in here, but it does appear the downvote feature is working in communities.