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Didn't consider doing this when communities were in beta?

By the way, in case you dont know, you have to ensure that you are actually posting to a community when testing them. Your first tag should be the tag for the community, and if you use the UI, you should ensure "posting to blog" is not selected. I have attached some helpful example screenshots for you below.

Posting to SteemDevs community

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 6.11.20 PM.png

What you did

Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 6.11.27 PM.png



To be honest, I wasn't expecting that. I find it kind of strange that what you post in your community isn't under blog. After all, it's still your blog, just a specific division of it. Of course I know that's just a front-end display, but still.

You can make community posts appear in your blog by resteeming them. Not very user friendly, but it works.

Ahhh, interesting! Thanks for the tip.