The Singularity Lore | Origin Story - Planet of Tel | Volume 2

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Authored by @Michael David

The Singularity Lore

Origin Story - Planet of Tel

Volume 2

(Volume 1)

A barren woman named Filany...

She was not afraid.

When she heard of the baby, the look in her eye was as if she had been waiting since time began.

Overwhelmed with glee she ran like the wind itself to the place where the baby lay...

Without hesitation, she swept up the child. She held her high above and cried out the name “Lyranthia!” as if she was calling to the stars themselves.

Her voice echoed the lands!

The baby, staring deeply into Filany’s eyes as if she had known her for cycles before, let out a single chuckle...

As if to say…

“It's about time.”

That chuckle was felt throughout the entire village, even those not at the site.

It sent most to chills...

The fear began to run rampant.

The rumors spread instantly as people scrambled to understand.

A circle was called of the entire village to decide what to do about Lyranthia and Filany.

Filany was allowed to tell her story...

A story it was!

A story held in other text...

Yet a story that scared the village people so much that they banished her, and the child, forever!

Filany raised that girl in a hut outside the village, near the rock Lyranthia was found on, until she died.

In that time, the girl barely aged.

Few were ever courageous enough to visit them.

Many tried to get the village to take them back.

They would not.

The fear... was just to great.

To Be Continued...

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The Singularity Lore | Origin Story
Planet of Tel | Volume 2
by The Singularity
Brainchild of @michaeldavid.



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This game keeps looking cooler and cooler by the day! Can’t wait to watch this grow and eventually watch this thrive!!!

Thanks man! One step at a time.

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