Weekly Facts & Figures

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First and Foremost

Thank you to the #fambalam that have continued to keep content flowing on our website. Everyone should thank @sayee and @latino.romano as they have been an important key to building our family curation account. Also, a huge thank you to @jackmiller for keeping it pretty! Anyone willing to do an extra post for the fam, simply contact @enginewitty or @jackmiller and we'll get you hooked up!

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The Numbers

This will now be a weekly report, similar to the one done by @thealliancebank. The last post was ground zero for all the information from here on out so you will see the growth since then. One number that is really standing out right now, is our effective SP! From continued increasing delegations and curation from all of our bloggers' posts, we have now eclipsed 23,000 SP in voting power! Still swimming fam, and getting stronger!
Staked Holdings
  • STEEM - 6245.465 (+ 79.756)
  • BANJO - 50 (+ 1)
  • BUILD - 144.728 (+ 43.368)
  • CCC - 322.728 (+ 81.545)
  • DBLOG - 161.532 (+ 45.351)
  • FOODIE - 261.119 (+ 261.119) - NEW!
  • FUTURE - 1 (no change)
  • GG - 15.32 (+ 2.84)
  • LEO - 0.806 (no change)
  • LIFESTYLE - 0.02 (no change)
  • LOTUS - 8.796 (+ 0.787)
  • MARLIANS - 6813.386 (+ 198.025)
  • NEOXAG - 208.216 (+ 47.028)
  • PAL - 62.083 (+ 10.836)
  • PHOTO - 43.073 (+ 16.279)
  • PORN - 20.045 (+ 0.045)
  • SAND - 1.013 (+ 0.007)
  • SONIC - 4.96 (+ 1.179)
  • SPACO - 2741.032 (+ 123.047)
  • SPORTS - 3860.089 (+ 258.635)
  • TLNT - 1388.335 (+ 870.964)
  • TRDO - 2.934 (no change)
  • TUNES - 0.356 (no change)
  • WEED - 10.835 (+ 6.634)
Website Producer Earnings
Benefactor Rewards?
Did you know that on both Steemit and Steempeak, you can click that little button and send rewards straight here? This started with @felt.buzz and now he's got Witty doing it too. Great author and person - go check him out! We also give to various accounts that helped us in other ways. Thank all of you!
Since we started requesting a 10% donation of SP, these have jumped up exponentially (check to see if you're still a ten percenter!), more than tripling what it was 4 months ago. Thank you to all those that delegate to @thealliance! We are closing in quickly on 25k to vote with! Thank you to all the family for being generous. A lot of them also have delegations to our support accounts! Here is a list of our delegators (not all are 10%ers) in descending order of SP:

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We Are Growing!

We have all of you to thank for that! The next goal is 25,000 SP, how long before we get there? A month? A week? A lot of you have been with us for quite a while and seen some strange things happen with this blockchain. But we're still here! Still swimming! Still STeeMiNG oN! And oh yeah, don't forget to check into @thealliancebank! Much love to everyone and no matter what you do, KEEP BEING YOU!

- Witty

"Smiles, fears, hopes and tears - we're here."
"We may not all be on the same page,
but we can all read from the same book."

~ @thehive ~
"A rising tide lifts all boats!
If one of us lifts up, we can all lift up!
We simply help each other. Like family."

~ @bluefinstudios ~

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