#thegoodnews Gazette (11) - Sunday April 15th, 2018 - Your Weekly Good News Paper! - Only On Steemit!

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#thegoodnews Gazette (11) - Sunday April 15th, 2018

@soulturtle has created the cover for the #thegoodnews Gazette! Thank you @soulturtle!

All pictures will take you to the original articles

Operation Human Angels Actions (Apr 05 - Apr 11) by @lyndsaybowes

In this article @lyndsaybowes take you on a journey through last weeks #OpHumanAngels posts. Every week she puts together this beautiful collaboration for us all to view. It's remarkable how many Steemians just like you and I are helping others around them and spreading the love.

The good new article #5! by @jason7282

@jason7282 shares with us a nice story about a little squirrel named Karamel. She was unfortunately stuck in an animal trap and had to travel over 700 miles to have over 6 hours worth of surgeries. She is now healthy and living with her adopted family. Glad to see people care this much about any living thing in this world is amazing.

Greener is cleaner?? Or cleaner is greener? by @davedickeyyall

Dave is living the life right now. He's on a mission to just live! It's amazing to watch and I'm completely jealous of such an amazing experience. He decided to tackle the litter at his latest campsite and clean the Earth up a bit. After borrowing a garbage bag from some fellow campers/outdoor enthusiasts he hit the ditches on both sides of the road to fill what he calls a #grownassmans bag of garbage. Although it's really sad to see so much garbage in such a beautiful place it sure is nice to see it picked up in this manner. Click the photo to see @davedickeyyall's #grownassmans bag of garbage.

A Tale of Redemption by @enforcer48

This article is a cool story from @enforcer48. He has been following a gentleman named "BeeZee" and apparently "BeeZee" lost over $45,000.00 via BitConnect and other lending programs. This is terrible news and it definitely breaks my heart to hear. I remember how I felt/feel about AriseBank fucking me over. :( Now where was I. "BeeZee" has now deleted all of his youtube videos containing anything to do with his rants or complaints about all of the lending programs and BitConnect and has returned to making his videos which his followers enjoyed. He is back to his hustling ways and people are glad to see that. Congrats to regaining your spirits "BeeZee" It's really nice to see you moving on has inspired others to write about it.

1000 tons of aceh rice for syiria by @apakapluk

A very heartwarming article from @apakapluk. ACT volunteers have directly purchased 1,000 tons of rice from ACEH farmers to give to the Syrian refugees. 20 trucks were loaded and traveled many miles to deliver the rice. I believe the rice had to be taken by ship for 15 days and then driven for 5 more hours to get to the refugees. I'm not sure what mei means? Click on the photo and head over to the article and enjoy the nice read.

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See you on Sunday when I release the Ninth Edition of the @thegoodnews Gazette!

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Ah yes @hendrix22, it's nice to see these again! You're back up on your feet it looks like, I was worried a while there about seeung your name comments in light grey. Cool, that is #thegoodnews for sure.

Thank you for the Gazette

I am glad to see some good news for a change. Definetly going to check out that article by @davedickeyyall tomorrow ( it is 1:30 am 😬)

Also good job on the cover @soulturtle! I just keep bumping into certain people ☺️

Thanks :) Yeah at the moment we're not all that mainstream so Steemit in a way feels like a big happy family.

I love the good news as well. If you have any please make a post and tag it #thegoodnews and it will be upvoted and featured in the paper. :)

YAY!! 11 weeks of awesomeness, thanks so much everyone for sharing your Good News! <3 <3 <3 I love it!

And plenty more to come!

I'm hoping to see at least 52 issues of #TheGoodNews. If anything, it at least makes me try to look at the bright side of things in life once in a while.

Finally! Some good news! Thank you for this very much needed service! There are some sites out on the web if you look, but.. There's really not much in terms of people offering good news. Ima have to keep an eye out for these more in the future. Awesome job! :D

Yay... 💃💃💃
Lovely one... I mean who doesnt like #goodnews?

I know i do...

Aw, yay! Great news, y'all, thank you for sharing!

Nice work @soulturtle, I'm happy to see ypu both working together!

Thanks man. The amazing thing about Steemit is the spirit of collaboration.

True true.. I have seen a lot of collaborations, but not yet have found my home!

It's been awhile since I've tuned in to the Good News. It kinda feels like that a good majority of stuff I see on Steemit is positive, based on the people I follow. This looks like a great collection of posts that I'll have to check out soon. Great to see the Good News tag and gazette thriving!