Who Else Thinks The Walking Dead Is Becoming Boring? (WARNING: SPOILERS)

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I've been watching The Walking Dead regularly since 2012. I found the first season one of the best because everything was novel and the show seemed very well written.

The second season was more slow-paced that the first one but still interesting. Lots of new characters were introduced including Hershel and his daughters one of whom is still one of the main characters in the show.

The prison seasons were great. Although the Governor wasn't as dark in the television show as in the comics, he was still a seriously disturbed and well-portrayed character. The Governor was a lot like I imagine a lot of top politicians are like in countries where the rule of law is weak and the power struggle a mortal danger to those involved. A good guy on the surface but with a ruthless and Machiavellian side.

Negan has probably been the most engaging bad guy in the show so far despite not being one of the bad guys any longer. During Negan's reign, it was impossible not to dislike him. I read somewhere that Negan was a gym teacher before the zombie apocalypse, a nasty one you wouldn't want to mess with. Interestingly, his particular brand of tyranny had a strong pedagogical element to it. He'd always avoid killing people if possible considering that to be "wasteful" and opting for crushing their spirits and making them his servants instead.

After the downfall of Negan came the Whisperer war. That particular tribe was a little over the top in my opinion. The crude, crass and condescending Negan was a perfect counterpoint to their bullshit philosophy. It was satisfying to see their leader being cut down by Negan in the end.

After the early seasons I've been forgetting to tune in when TWD is on much more frequently. I think it has to do with the fact that there have been episodes where nothing much happens and where the characters keep having "deep" conversations that sound like ones no one has in real life. That's poor writing and prone to putting the viewer to sleep.

The Walking Dead is pure entertainment, of course, and the skillful portrayal of characters is not really one of its strengths. All sorts of tragic events take place and the people react to them like you would imagine people react but that's pretty much it. At best, the plot twists and scenes can be riveting.

But character development isn't usually very believable. For instance, let's start with Carol. Her character development takes her from a timid housewife under the thumb of her controlling and abusive husband Ed to a bad ass fighter and stone cold killer when necessary. I think it was in the fifth season when she, shall we say, euthanizes an otherwise healthy ten-year old girl who suffers from a dangerous delusion that the walkers are not dangerous at all and who put her little sister in grave danger because of that - by shooting her in the back of her head from a distance. There is no continuity between Carol in the first season before Ed dies and her in the rest of the series. If she had all that in her, then I don't think her maternal instincts would've allowed Ed to continue tormenting her and making her and their daughter's life misery by abusing her/them.

Another case is Merle, Daryl's brother. Merle is a complete scumbag until he has a sudden change of heart before dying a heroic and altruistic death in the hands of the Governor. If Merle was motivated to improve himself, that should've been introduced earlier in the show thus making his sacrifice a logical conclusion of a more drawn out and gradual change. Another character whose redemption is an interesting and somewhat questionable case is Negan. After Negan was defeated, the Alexandrians put him into a cell in a basement instead of executing him. Negan finds his rock bottom moment in the cell. When he's finally let out after many years, left without a group to lead and despised and hated by a lot of the people in the group, he decides to work towards getting on their good side, which he's somewhat successful at by becoming an undercover agent among the Whisperers on his own initiative and killing their leader. It will be interesting what the writers will make of the ongoing relationship between Negan and the Alexandrians. Unlike Merle, Negan is quite intelligent and also has a very flexible and pragmatic mindset. Maybe what he's doing now is basically just what he thinks is the best way forward for himself at this moment. Also, he's not a complete asshole because he has genuine affinity for some children such as Judith.

I think The Walking Dead should cut down on the chatter and stick to plot building and the action. The show has always been at its best when there is an element of mystery or a series of predicaments the main characters must get through. Most of the characters are far less interesting than the world they find themselves in. What the show has successfully portrayed are the signs of decay in what's left over from civilization. No one drives cars any longer. Daryl's motor cycle is the only motor vehicle I've seen on it for a while. The walkers are much more decayed at this point than in the beginning.

One element that has been conspicuously lacking in the show from the very beginning is humor. That is a serious flaw. Negan is the only character in the habit of cracking jokes but they were never good. People make jokes in any situation to lighten up the mood. Humor has potential to add to the quality the dialogue. The genre is not comedy and humor should not be overdone in this case but I find it odd that there is almost none of it in the entire show.


I liked it. Didn't find it boring at all.The lady who played boss of the Whisperers...sick role !
But in general I had low expectations on this TV show 😉 Can't expect much.May be that's why I'm not disappointed.

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It had some boring moments, lots of them. But also quite exciting ones.

Hi, I like the Zombie genre The Walking Dead is a good series, which declined with the arrival of Negan, I do not say it for Negan because I like his character, I say it for that night that the producers decided to kill so many excellent characters.

My favorite character is Rick, I love Alpha.

I do not understand why they have left the weight of the plot to Daryl and Carol.

I liked Carol before but I can't stand her now.

Of this season I only loved the chapter of father Gabriel, the rest of them I didn't like and less that they put Maggie as if she was the wonder woman.

I would like to see more of Negan, Lidia, Magna and Eugene but they don't focus on meaningless episodes with Carol and Daryl.....

I keep watching it for my son who doesn't miss it . I will watch season 11 and finale for Rick.

It's a series that should have ended a long time ago.

I dislike the Daryl + Carol episodes, too. I can't stand their "deep" conversations.

I liked father Gabriel. The way he abandoned his parish causing them to die when he panicked. A tragic character. His character development is more credible than Carol's. It took him years to get over what happened in the past and build more physical and moral courage.

The show has some clear feministic undertones. Real life does not work that way. Take the military, for instance, they've found that a much smaller percentage of female recruits are suitable for combat roles than of male recruits. I think the ratio is something like 1/25. On TWD, we have ten-year-old Judith kick some serious ass.

I agree I'd like to see moer of Negan, Lidia, Magna and Eugene as they investigate what's going on with the new group they've encountered.

I think I'll just gradually keep missing more and more episodes until I find that I'm no longer able to follow the plot.

Never watched it so I can't comment on if it is boring or not.

Not my cup of tea in terms of genre.

Clearly not for everyone. It also seems that the zombie genre is fading away. In 2010's, the genre was very popular.

From episode 2, every minute after the pilot, that was the worst show I have ever seen my a long shot. I would say its worse than Lost and would rather watch Caillou.