Foot Brawls Classic Brawl and Road Map - Santa Drawers is coming to town!

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Welcome back!

Welcome back to Foot Brawls Season One Countdown!

Today we will be outlining the basic rules for our first game mode Classic Brawl and taking a quick look at our mini road map for December!

So without further ado, let's get this show on the road!

Classic Brawl

Classic Brawl (5 rounds/best of 3 games)
2 Players (5-10 minutes)

What you need

You need the 12 starter team cards, plus 1 regular six-sided dice and a way to keep score.

Getting Started

Each player will choose one of the two starter teams (Brawlers or Knights)

Please see yesterday's post for a free download link to print out the teams.

Decide who will kick off the match by playing a quick game of Rock Paper Scissors against your opponent or use the dice to see who rolls the highest number.

If you are playing the game with children you could also let the youngest player start or simply toss a coin and call heads or tails.

How to play

Each team in Foot Brawls consists of 6 cards:
1 Coach card (CC) and 5 Player cards (PC)

To start each player sets aside their Coach card (CC) and selects a Player card (PC) from their chosen team keeping it hidden from their opponent until the dice is rolled to kick off Round 1.

Roll with the punches!

Please note the numbers from dice rolls are represented by the following stats on the reverse of the Player cards (PC)

1.ATT (Attack) 4.STR (Strength)
2.DEF (Defence) 5.STA (Stamina)
3.SKL (Skill) 6.SPD (Speed)

Round 1 Fight!

For example if the number 6 was rolled both players would check the speed stat of their chosen Player card (PC) for Round 1 and the player whose card had the highest speed after any Coach card (CC) bonuses had been added (see below) would run past their opponent and score a goal to win the first round.

If there was a tie in the stats the dice would be rerolled using the same two Players Cards (PC) until a winner for that round could be decided.

Coach Bonuses!

You will notice that the two starter team Coaches Groovy and Sumo have different stat boosts/modifiers.

Groovy has +1 Attack and +1 Strength
Sumo has +1 Defence and +1 Strength

These boosts will come into play when there is a tie between Player cards (PC)

For example let’s say in Round 2 the number 1 was rolled and both teams were tied on attack points. The player who had selected the Brawlers as their team would receive a +1 Attack boost from their Coach Card (CC) Groovy and knockout their opponent to score a goal and win the round.

Subsequent Rounds

Each Brawl consists of 5 Rounds (1 for each available Player Card)
If any player happens to win the first 3 Rounds then that game is over as their opponent can only recover 2 goals.

Likewise if a player wins the first two games (best of 3) they will be declared the winner of the Brawl!

Road Map

There are so many surprises lined up for December that I would struggle to list them all here, but instead I have highlighted a few of them below to give you a taste of what is to come between now and the end of the year!

4 New Playable Teams!

Christmas Themed Player Cards! (See teasers below!)

Limited Gold Foil Coach Card!

'Tis the Season!

Time for some Christmas Eye Candy!

I thought it would be fun to give a few of the Foot Brawls characters a Christmas makeover, so here are a couple to start us off.

Introducing Santa Drawers and Silent Knight!



That's all for today, but see you tomorrow for some more Christmas Crackers!

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