Foot Brawls is a load of pants!

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Hey everyone, hope you are all keeping well.

It's time for another brief update! 😆

I have been super busy this week gathering all of my notes for Foot Brawls and compiling them into one document which will become the first draft of our game proposal.

There is still a way to go, but I wanted to share a couple of new updates that we are close to signing off on so let's jump right in!

Card Rarities and Upgrades!

Foot Brawls cards are upgradeable and unlock new moves and abilities as they level up!

There are 5 different rarities as follows:

Common (White pants)

Rare (Blue pants)

Epic (Purple pants)

Legendary (Gold pants)

Unique (Groovy Green pants!)

Feel the Burn!

Foot Brawls cards can be combined and burnt to forge a new upgraded card with increased rarity, stats and abilities!

Here is a breakdown of how many cards are required to combine in order to level up each Brawler from Common to Legendary and Unique status!

Rare = 20 Common cards

Epic = 2x Rare cards (40 Common cards)

Legendary = 2x Epic cards = 4x Rare cards (80 Common cards)

Unique = 2x Legendary cards = 4x Epic cards = 8x Rare cards
(160 Common cards)

A Brief Encounter!

I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but Foot Brawls is a load of pants!

In fact it is impossible to earn any rewards without them.

The ref is ok with you taking your shirt off, but don't get caught with your pants down or you will be fined and quite possibly hung out to dry! 😅


The good news is that every time your Brawler is upgraded they will receive a fresh new pair of pants to mark the occasion!

So wave goodbye to those Common tighty whities and say hello to these Groovy Green stretchy pants! 😎



That's it for today. Join us again tomorrow when we will be doing a different kind of revealing 😅
The final team for Season One (The Special Ones!)

As always, thanks for your continued support and see you all soon!

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Hey! Good info!! ✌️

Thanks mate. Shoutout to Groovy for his help this week 🙂

!PIMP those pants

Thanks SUB! 😎

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Thanks Rukien. Hope you enjoy tomorrows post! 🙂


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