FootBrawls Update - Time to Rock n Roll!

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Hey everyone, hope you are all keeping well and apologies for the slight delay in posting this update.
I finally caught up on some much needed sleep after a long week of way too many late nights!

I have also been listening to some Kula Shaker tunes this afternoon which has completely re-energised me and I am now ready to share some more exciting new FootBrawls updates with you all.

So without further ado, let's get started!

New Card Reveals!

With our 3 Starter teams and Bonus Speed team announced last week we are nearing the completion of our Season 1 Cardset. We do however plan to add some special cards into the mix before the big kick-off!

Here are a few brand new cards starting with a very special Coach card that my daughter designed. Introducing DAB the Dolphin!



Next up is a brand new Tag Team and possibly one of my favourite card designs to date.
Pins & Needles will be a very fun card to use with their powerful healing abilities!

Pins and Needles.png

Pins and NeedlesStats.png

And finally a Halloween inspired Brawler who just can't say no to a fight!
Stats are all subject to change on these cards (maybe Brian deserves a few more!)



New Logo Hype!

I am very excited to reveal our brand new Ninja Inspired Logo for FootBrawls! Shoutout to @Ceheran for inspiring such an awesome character and working his amazing Ninja skills on the Pixel Art Version of his card! (see below)



Thrilled to Bits!

Ceheran has been busy working his magic once again and I can't wait for you to see the new 8-Bit Pixel Art FootBrawls cards he has been designing. They are all awesome and he is awesome.
Here is a teaser of Takumi!


Time to Rock n Roll!

The game is starting to gather momemtum and we will now be turning our attention to finalising the rules and mechanics of FootBrawls as we near full release. Here is a taster of what's to come!

FootBrawls SCRAP Book (Collection Album) Get stuck in!
Game Rules (Fight Paper!)
Season 1 Pack Reveals!
New Token Creation and Collaboration Announcement!

A massive thank you to everyone for supporting our new project.
We will continue working hard to make FootBrawls a super fun gaming experience for you all to enjoy!

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone and see you all soon for more updates!

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Thanks for your continued support Rukien 🙂💜

All the designs look great, but Pins and Needles have their own particular charm for me.

Thanks mate, can't wait to see them in your signature style! 🙂💜


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