My Doggo

A few weeks from now, I will be cuddling my doggo once more. His name is Ragnar and he is now 8 years old. He had been our dog's pup.

He is an askal or what people in the Philippines call a native Filipino breed. For that, I have to endure listening to people talk about him hurtfully. Some would say that he has rabies, he is very dirty, smelly and wild. Others would say that he's just an askal and does not deserve what I am giving him.

I say, I don't care. I have never been able to articulate this from before. People are not just racist toward one another. They practice that too with the dogs and cats. In my country, if you have an imported breed dog, that dog is automatically expected to be treated well, babied. But when its a native dog, its just a dog. It does not deserve anything else.

I love my dog. It does not matter what type of breed he is. He is mine. We are bonded together and I love him. This particular discrimination on his breed had always encouraged me to shower and pamper my dog with love. He gets puppuccino, he has someone specifically taking care of him. When I'm home, he eats steak, he gets to enjoy icecream and Jollibee. He loves the chicken joy and spagetti combination. He loves french fries from Jollibee. He loves the vanilla ice cream as well. Most people hate him because of the lavish affection I am showering him. But, he's mine. I would treat him no different than any other dog I had. He is afterall a family. Don't get me wrong, he does not get these all the time. They are treats- once in a blue moon. Most of the time, we cook food specifically for them. Or, when I'm home, I cook doggo food for him. He loves siomai and lumpia by the way. Also pupcakes.

He is a living thing and for that, I am giving him the dignity, rights accorded to him. I do not love him because he is an imported dog breed. Or that, he was expensive. He is who he is and for that, he is special.

I have never really experienced being more human since I'd have him. He taught me how to be merciful, selfless, loving. He taught me what a bond is all about and how that connects us even when we're apart. He's not always the smartest crayon in the box, nor the most obedient boy out there. He is still very teritorial of all my stuffs- which he thinks are "ours." He used to harrass guests who'd come over and visit us who has the unfortunate coincidence of touching/ sitting in our favourite spots.

Life here in Australia for the past 3 years had been so hard for me. I miss my dog very much. But, there are just so many obstacles for me to get him here.

Then, Covid hit us and, I have completely abandoned all hopes of getting him here. I would have wanted a safe place for him to live. Where he can run, bark, eat, enjoy all the things that a regular doggo does.

Probably, staying in the Philippines is the safest for him for now. But, I will certainly want him to come here someday. We belongs to each other. My home is his home- no matter where that might be.

I made a promise to him when he was just a baby- when I have finally decided to adopt him as my dog:

I will always love you. I promise that you will never feel unloved, hungry, uncared for or alone. I promise to always give you a home where you can experience unconditional love and care. I will never abandon you, I will always advocate for you. I will always protect and defend you.


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