Reconnecting to my Roots

I think a lot of people especially migrants or overseas workers understand the important to connect and reconnect to one's roots. The main reason why I went on a holiday here in my country is just that. To understand where I came from, to have a new insight on my heritage and just to reconnect.

Here is a picture of one of my favourite food from Jollibee- a local Filipino fast food- spaghetti- filipino style and chicken joy.I have a lot of fond memories eating/ sharing meals with my family and friends.

Back when I was a kid, eating this would have been like a treat. The only time I usually consume this is during special occassions like, birthdays, Christmas, New Years. At some point and, I think even now, it is a social status to would have eaten or have an item from the company.

Jollibee outlets then were not even as common as it is today. We have to travel to Tuguegarao City( another place in my province) to get one. I even remember that one of the highlights of me going to the city then was just to eat at Jollibee.

Living abroad and returning home after many years, I consider eating this as a part of me reconnecting to my roots. It reminded me on how simple life was as a child and how different life is for me today.

While most would probably consider this as a very cheap, common fare, this for me is a reminder of where I came from.
For me, I cannot fully realize my full potential unless I can completely comprehend where I came from.


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Jollibee really holds a very special place in our hearts 🥺

yeah.its a filo thing.but again so does a lot of other stuffs too