Fighting about...luck. There is such thing as luck, right?

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I had a really interesting discussion earlier today at work, while I was attempting to persuade a colleague that it would be a smart move for him to diversify his portfolio and start having a look at what the crypto world has to offer. He is an old school investor if you know what I mean.

-I know exactly what the crypto world has to offer...and that's risking real money for money printed out of thin air. Chances are that you lose big sooner or later. Thanks but no thanks...

That was the beginning and pretty much the ending of our discussion regarding crypto.

Have you ever started watching a music video on YouTube and half an hour later catching yourself watching videos about the blue whale or some deadly spiders?

That's exactly how our conversation looked like.

I attempted to talk to him about crypto but he refused to listen to what I had to say. Then he asked me how was Maria doing...I asked him about his family and kids which I haven't been able to visit the last month or so...then we jumped to sports...

Long story short we ended up talking about luck. Ya, luck.

He doesn't believe in luck. I on the other hand strongly believe that tons of things happen because of luck.

  • To me, a child that was born in Syria compared to a child that was born in Switzerland is unlucky. The fact that it will have to survive a civil war...extreme poverty...often hunger...immigration in most of the bad luck.

According to him that very child has the same chances to have a prosperous life to Bill Gate's child...since there's no such thing as luck...

  • To me walking every day to work following the same route for years but just because you were sick of seeing the same buildings, the same signs, the same people every day, one morning you've decided to follow another route and stumbled upon the love of your life, is pure luck.

According to him there was a reason for that...

  • To me, his guy below is extremely lucky...

According to him, there's a scientific explanation about it and has to do with the speed of the vehicles...the angles etc

  • To me investing in an unknown stock or some shitcoin with the hope that it will one day moon and you'll be a millionaire and just because a billionaire wanted to have some fun and manipulate the markets you find yourself holding something that went 10000x overnight is luck.

According to him you simply did the right move and there was a high probability to happen sooner or later...

-Seriously now? We would all be millionaires if that was the case brah...

We talked and talked for hours and there was not a single example that we agreed on that luck can determine a lot.

But you know what?

This is my blog, so fuck that.

Luck determines a lot. Not because I say so, but because it does. If anyone has different opinion we can fight about it in the comment section below.

Have a good one people.


Luck exists in our minds as a concept. It really is a favorable circumstance we can take advantage of or not.

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If you talk to the right person, any topic of conversation will be interesting.

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