Syrian Arab Army operations in al-Qabun - Syria News Archives

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Part of the archives deleted by YouTube

This video report was embedded in the article: Syria: Al-Qabun – Roadworks]( on Syria News.

Street battles between a Syrian Arab Army tanks unit and terrorists holed up in Al-Qabun suburb north of the Syrian capital Damascus.

At that time the west was still insisting what's happening in Syria were 'peaceful protests' against a dictator and refused to confess, some until now, that there are tens of thousands of heavily armed suicide bombing terrorists who also have tanks, drones, manpad surface to air missiles, and machine-guns mounted 4 x 4 brand new pickups, among other weapons.

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This one is probably abuse, but I am not sure if the user speaking in the video is actually the poster or not. If he put this compilation together then once again, it is by far more content than your one picture partiko posts. So again, you might be able to learn a thing or two from this user as well. I hope you're learning.

Also want to add that it was by far more entertaining watching this than all of your posts combined ^_^....maybe even my posts too, but I don't use bidbots, so I'm not abusing anything.

I'm not the narrator in the video, but the one who got the English translation and captioned the video, also used it in my site.

BTW, also this is my verified account if you check in steemitboard, I deliver news and updates about the Syrian Crisis since March 2011 on many platforms, and most of the articles and analysis I write are challenged by mainstream media pundits then approved later on.

Glad you liked this video though. You can also upvote it you know :) :)

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@informationwar is also an initiative as explained in their comment to curate contents debating the information war.

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Cool i can see you put some work and effort into it. Didn't mean to skip the upvote, i was more focused on the spammer. Here you go!

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Apparently threespeak fork Russia today for supporting dictatorship around the world?))

You're very much CNN and its fake news ilk, remember Iraq's WMD sold to us by the Pentagon and CNN? And where's the connection between my post, RT, and the US allies the Gulf dictatorships? Can you explain the source of your info? Or you just learned a new word 'forked' and suddenly became expert by adopting conspiracy theories?!

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Threespeak always support dictatorship. I have not seen any other videos there. This is worse than YouTube with a more diverse composition of opinions.

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