World Series Much Better With NO YANKEES!

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Congrats Houston Astros! What a game.

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Why the downvote please? You did so without leave a comment as to why.
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I would appreciate a reason so we can at least understand why you feel that we deserve a down vote.

Thank you.

I saw your other message. Thank you for leaving that downvote curation trail. Please keep in mind I don’t mind downvotes and I will NEVER retaliate a down vote to you if the ne you give me is organic. If you don’t like my post or don’t agree or think it made too all means please use your downvote on me! I don’t mind. I do mind letting someone else make that decision for you if you delegate or follow a downvoting scam which I consider abusive and not good for Steem. It’s too centralized when done that way. Thanks for this message. You will receive no more downvotes from me, I was just trying to send a message and apparently it worked. I will continue to do the same to others.....forever. 😜

Thank you! Don't worry I am not going to join any more down vote trails. All I want to do is help make this a great place for independent musicians and I have no intention of getting involved in any kind of arguments. Lesson learned!

Being a huge Yankee fan, I respectfully disagree with your assessment. Despite the fact that the Yankees have as much money as needed to upgrade their roster at any moment and at any cost, I'm sure that all fans would love to have owners that put their money more their mouth is.
Despite all of the superstars they have brought in from other teams, some of the best Yankee teams were made up of guys from their farm system. Other players only fulfilled their potential once they put on the Yankee uniform.
The Yankees, you either love them or hate them. This is very similar to the situation with the New England Patriots, they win so often people like to see them loose. I'll tell you you one thing, it is better to be a Yankee fan then a Met fan. 😊


This year Brian Cashman and Aron Boone have done a fantastic job keeping the Yankees on top despite a record number of injuries. You have got to give them some credit for that.
Have a great weekend.

yea i get it and don't get me wrong the Yankees are a GREAT franchise and one that as a fan you should be proud of. MLB has that "Luxury Tax" and the Yankees are always DOUBLE what the other teams are. I just think baseball is hurting so bad in TV viewership that's its better to have more parity, i know i would watch a lot more if they did. The Mets are could any NY'er like those bums????

how could any NY'er like those bums???? That is a good question

Sir @broncnutz you enjoying this game , i will also join to play this game.

Hi broncnutz
I'll give you a positive rating
have fun with it
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