DEV REPORT: Which Cryptocurrencies are Dying & Which are Healthy

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The latest dev report from Electric Capital has been released, in which we can see which coins had the healthiest developer ecosystems over the course of the first half of 2019, and which...well, didn't.

Let me know what you think!

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In the world of Crypto, it may also happen that some must die in order for better ones to emerge.

Perhaps it can also happen that the coins that are about to die, rise from the ashes.

They depend on many variables, I hope it doesn't happen with Steem, as a comment from this post says.

Exactly I do think consolidated on the existing Cryptocurrency projects is what we should be looking at, in my opinion I don't see too many exciting thing coming up and not because they're not but because people are often paying attention to prosperous projects to put their money into, such projects are the ones that are really healthy. In the cryptosphere we follow sucess before placing faith

A lot of Altcoins that had so much hype during 2018-early 2019 aren't having any improvements. A lot of cryptos are not having any activity like
Neo, Iota, Stratis, Monero, Stellar and a lot more old Altcoins are about to die. New Altcoins like Enjin, Chainlink, Ravencoin are having so much activity, would these new altcoins also be dead in a short period of time? What do you think?

In my opinion bitcoin is the healthiest crypto coin in 2019. While the most dying coin is steem where the price continues to decline.

Steem is cheap as fuck relative to this type of fundamentals.

Well it doesn't matter but just believing there would be improvement in the cryptocurrency world

Pretty relevant information, thank you very much for keeping us up to date with the market, friend :,)

I appreciate how you are powering up Steem from 3Speak. That's good shit.

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I appreciate how you are powering up Steem from @3Speak. That's good shit. 👍

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