Trying out Gods Unchained and free invites!

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I finally gave Gods Unchained a try. In this video. I open a few packs I was given for signing up and play a match, then open a couple more packs from the end of the match.

The game takes a lot of inspiration from Hearthstone, so much so it looks like they basically used every bit of it to design the new one.

While the cards have some good graphics, the interface and around the cards art look very unpolished and low resolution. I assume this will change over time but really makes it feel like a cheap knock off.

If you have played Hearthstone, you already know how to play this game. The traits have changed names but most of them are there plus a few new ones. I have noticed a few changes like double attack minions cannot attack the other hero twice in one turn and if you have haste (they call it blitz) you cannot attack the hero either. Some of these changes mean you have to be smarter when creating your deck as I found myself unable to make moves a few times despite having creatures ready to attack.

You are unable to create an account unless you get invited. I am not sure how many invites I have but you can use my beta key to get into the game.

There is an in-game raffle for genesis cards that you can tokens for winning games and for inviting people.

If you want to purchase cards, you will need to link an Ethereum wallet and deposit Ethereum. Keep in mind the transaction fees for Ethereum right now are around $0.38 and would be smarter to buy in larger groups than individual packs.

One limited card sold for 146.271 ETH ($60,000) last month.

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I got an invite from @anomadsoul and just sent $50 of ETH for 18 packs, I think. The rest of today is going to be really hectic and I’m going to see a movie tonight, but I’m looking forward to opening them and playing tomorrow. Nice having the game play to watch in case I get stuck, @themarkymark. Thanks for sharing!

The fact that it's on ETH is what annoys me. Steem/EOS made me hate paying the trx fees when I use BTC from time to time.

Yeah, on Steem would have been awesome. The fees are so high now and the network isn’t great at handling a lot of traffic.

I’m loving it so far. Bought some Genesis cards myself. I don’t know Hearthstone but I like the graphics and gameplay, although it’s taken some time getting used to it.

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What is your best card? I haven’t bought any yet but was going to soon once I figure it out more. Got really bad cards now.

Honestly I have no idea... still haven’t worked out what works best or doesn’t... is there an easy way to do that other than learning from experience?

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You want to find synergies. Cards that share similar focus. For example if you have a lot of taunt cards you want cards that do things when you play taunt. I haven’t figured out what this game has but that was the general idea in Hearthstone and this is a complete rip off of Hearthstone.

That might be things like “Roar”... I have to find the document I read which explains the traits and skills and re-read.... 😉

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You can usually just hover over them to get explanation. Roar is an ability the triggers when a card goes on the playing board. It was called Battlecry in Hearthstone.


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I played that video game but I don't understand it very well. I think I will wait for someone to upload some video tutorials so I can understand it better. Nice video :)