Important Announcement! We have control of all Top Level Domains Including!

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We have control of all Top Level Domains, Including!

There are still a few minor loose ends to tie up, but we can safely say that the main storm is over and passed us. We also now have control of our LEO tokens that were taken from us and our beneficiaries' rewards that have been taken historically.

Apologies for the loss of content. This issue has been fixed, and we are trying to recover the video links that were broken during an attack on our servers.

We are excited that the Speak Network white paper is imminent, and we are looking forward to the community's feedback so that we can improve it.

We are thankful to the following list of users for either being key to overcoming our recent attack from our ex-lead developer or for reaching out to help us.

@mcfarhat from @actifit

And a big thank you to the amazing HIVE community for its support!

You are the true heroes here!


Glad to have helped make it right.

I'll wager, based on how you act here in the shadows, that YOU had much more to do with this than you let on. I imagine you're the guy really fucking up things in the background. We might even get some Legal papers together there in Canada and REALLY open up YOUR NEED TO BE A CONTROL FREAK...

Getting clooser Reese....

Well I hope I didn't fuck it up too much. But yeah you're right Frank, I'm a control freak.

and you're a gutless coward to boot!

Welcome back, you've been missed. Hopefully, all things are in order and no more interruptions as the censorship out there is overwhelming.

Thanks for the honourable mentions!

Was an interesting week to say the least. Glad that everything worked out in the end.

Freakin wild decentralize everything lol having one person in control of anything is bad for business

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Glad to hear it's all over.

This is very good news dear friends @threespeak, I appreciate with all my heart all that you do for us.
congratulations everyone for the great job
happy you are back

Thank you!

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Glad to hear you guys were able to take command of the old link.

Great! Thanks to all involved the recovery.
May we know the HIVE handler of this lead developer so we know who not to trust anymore?

Why would he do that?

I am glad it is all working out. Text info has always had a lot of options for posting/sharing, not so much for video/live streaming, so I am happy to here some of the issues are resolved.


Thats amazing news! Congratulations guys for overcoming this attack. 👏

Great! Glad to know that!

I am so glad it worked out.

Great news.

You mentioned content was lost. What content was lost?
I'm just glad to hear I don't have to edit 50+ posts to change the URL. I hope the .co one we've been using for a while now is going to be permanent. I consider my posts to be part of the historical record. I go back and edit them to keep them current. Not being able to count on my links always working is a major hassle.

I was know good-karma makes good work 😋👌👌👌👌👌💪

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Fucking nice!

Good to hear that everything is coming back in place!

Namaste 🙏

I really appreciate your effort to solve domain problems. It is helpful for all users and owners.

This is a great announcement...

Great news! When will it be possible to upload new videos?

Happy to hear the good news.
And Thanks a lot all the members of the Team for the great efforts.

Glad everything is okay now...

Good to see things back in order.

Matt did this? If yes, what the hell pissed him off so much?

Thank you for the update and hard work. Much appreciated.

Good to hear that.

But why did the lead developed turn rogue! Hope that the next lead developer doesn't' follow the former one!

Glad to see 3speak back.. Thanks for update

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